Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh, No! Snow!

Every one has been saying there was no winter in Vermont this year.  Maybe so, but we are having typical April weather--which means no one would be surprised at the freezing temperatures and the sleety snow fall.

I spent the afternoon working at the library.  I met with the state librarian consultant on Wednesday and had a quick tutorial in pulling books off the shelves for de-cataloging.  Our small library probably needs that done more than most because space is so limited.  Of course new books are coming in and there are always donations that need sorting through. Once the books are pulled I have to take them off the computer record, pull the bar code, mark the book as 'withdrawn' and then box them all up.  I can see where this is going to be a long time until completion.

I spent the morning sewing some new curtains for my bedroom.  I am about half way finished with that and will maybe get more done later tonight.  Or maybe I will just have a glass of wine instead--to clear the book dust out of my throat, you understand.

I will have to go out to shop for a new vacuum this weekend becasue my old one died a slow and torturous death.  Such drama.  I hate to go out to the stores on a weekend, so maybe we can just live with dirty floors until Monday. 

What I really want to shop for is a new laptop.  If anyone has a recommendation, I'd be happy to hear it.  As long is it is not long and tecnical.  I need the very basics and anything too fancy would be wasted on me.


  1. I need a vacuum too, but I will have to wait for a while. We tend to get Macs because whenever we had PCs they would always die in just a few years. We have been pretty happy of late.

  2. I just bought a new laptop today! It's still in the box because my tech guy want to set it up for me (I think before I mess it up). that will happen tomorrow. I bought an HP D4-3055dx 14 inch screen, with a big processor. I want it for travel and for handling photos while on the road, and waned a fairly small size but good speed. I will be retiring my little Acer netbook because she just can't keep up anymore.

  3. I have a ASUS and I've enjoyed it a lot but now that I have an iPad I seldom use it. If I buy another laptop it will be a MAC.

  4. Sucks to spend money on stuff that causes work. I have a cheap Acer from Best Buy, and I love it. Like the touch to type. When it dies, I'm getting another Acer. I've had this one for three years, and still going strong.

  5. Can't help with lap top purchases. I am working off of a freebe Panasonic tough book. Really good but not very portable. It is the tank of laptops.
    Like Muffy, I did have an Acer and enjoyed it.

  6. I've bought 2 HPs from Costco in the last 5 years...and I have liked them. But, I don't really know any techie stuff. I do like a good processor and lots of storage space. =)


  7. You would love an iPad. I have had MACs since 1981. They are fabulous, and last a long time, and are so user-friendly!
    I love your day - busy woman!
    We had the grandkids yesterday. Whew. Time for a rest!

  8. I hear Mac's are the best. I've checked them out a few times but they are too pricey for me. I'll be geting a new one soon too, but unfortunately not a mac.

  9. Mac works for me.
    Vacuums are bought yearly because of Buddy's skin condition. In fact we have several light weight ones to be used throughout the day.
    Book and wine sounds like a great way to go.


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