Sunday, April 1, 2012


Kale is a leafy green vegetable and you know we should all eat leafy green vegetables every day because they are so good for us.  You can read more about the health benefits of kale here.  That's where I learned that kale has been on the menu for over 4,000 years, but I have to admit I have never tried it.  I'd probably like it.  I like cabbage and broccoli and spinach and chard.

The subject comes up for me because I just read that the chain Chick-fil-A just received a preliminary ruling that a Vermont folk artist has infringed on its trademark.  Apparently the restaurant chain has trademarked the slogan, "eat mor chikin."  Vermonter Bo Miller-Moore sells T-shirts that say, "Eat More Kale."

Well, that just frosts my cupcake.

This is kale.  How likely is it that it would be confused for a chicken sandwich?  Plus, if you look carefully at the slogans, you'll have to admit that the Vermonter is a much better speller.  And the Chick-fil-A slogan is painted on bill boards by black and white cows.  I believe that another Vermont artist, Woody Jackson, has the trademark on black and white cows.  Somebody better be checking into that, Mr. Corporate Chicken Man.

So I am making it my business to eat some kale some day.  I also will avoid the Chick-fil-A til they come to their senses. That'll show 'em!


  1. I have never tried Kale, but I bet I would like it. Does it taste like Chicken????

  2. Well, that's just stupid.
    I have eaten kale and it's good . . . it's like thick slightly more bitter spinach. We had it in soup, I believe, with sliced sausage or kielbasa.

  3. I never ate kale until it started arriving with our weekly CSA delivery of fresh vegetables two years ago. I use it in salads, braised, and have made kale chips.

  4. Kale is all the rage, but I haven't jumped on the band wagon yet. I eat other healthy things though, and probably would like it.
    That court ruling seems pretty fa fetched! Do we even has Chik-fil-a, or whatever it's called, around here? If I find one I'll be sure to not eat there. ;-)

  5. How ridiculous. I like kale. Kale salads are all the rage in CA. But Its a little tough.

  6. I am addicted to kale.I roast it to make kale chips that are crispier than potato chips and way healthier. The potato chip people should be more concerned than the chicken folks.

  7. Ditto to both! I will try kale and I will certainly avoid Chik-fil-a. I hate stupid stuff.

  8. Isn't it a crazy litigious world?!
    Greetings from Cottage Country!


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