Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Detective Work

A while ago, I noted that I had not been able to identify this flower.  Two readers offered guesses.  Linda thought it was chionodoxa  and Tabor suggested Scilla siberica. 

I looked them both up--very similar plants.  Some botanists do not even acknowledge them as a separate genus, although others do.  What cannot be seen in the pictures (I am not much of a photographer) is that the stamens in the plants that I saw are flattened and form a tube.  That suggests that they are chionodoxa, also called "Glory-of-the-snow."  I am sure that they escaped from a nearby garden.  Some may just escape from the roadside and into my garden.

Walking in the woods and fields is now officially over for me.  I pulled a tick off my grandson's chest during a bath after a walk in the field behind our house and Mike pulled one off his own leg.  I'm sure that I got to Dane's quickly, but Mike's bite spread over his whole inner thigh.  I'm hoping they were not deer ticks because they were fairly large.  How many different kinds of ticks are there?  More detective work needed.  I may be on the coputer all day.


  1. Ticks are not good. Too bad that you have to stop walking.

  2. Aw, I am so sorry you have been tick attacked. Those nasty devil can really make you sick. It is a shame they keep us out of the woods.

  3. That's no good. But do you really have to stop walking. Is there a tick season?

  4. Ticks, uggggggg, we have lots of them in the north woods. I hope it is nothing serious with Mike.


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