Friday, March 9, 2012

Thorny Issues

This bougainvillea has been in constant bloom since we got here in December.  I have pruned most of the rest of the bushes around the place, but I am not prepared to tackle this one.  I'll need long-handled lopers and lots of protective leather clothing before I attempt a haircut on this baby.

Now that Mike is on so much medication, including blood thinners, I hate to even allow him to help with these pruning tasks.  One little cut and he looks like that old Saturday Night Live skit about Julia Childs.  (She cuts her finger and blood is spurting everywhere, if you haven't seen it.)  I did just read in the local paper, though, about a product--I think it was called Wound Seal, but don't quote me on that--that is a powder that you pour onto a cut and it forms an instant scab to stop the bleeding.  I'm thinking I will get myself to Walgreen's down the road and stock up on some...just in case.


I was severely irritated to read this in an article in Woman's Day (April, 2012):
"Say  middle age and the first thing that may come to mind is a host of health issues."
Seriously?  That is what defines middle age now?  I mean, health is an important issue at any age.  Something about that opening statement just made me mad.

I liked what "Everyday Cheapskate, " Mary Hunt had to say about what's more important than money?
Answer:  Purpose in Life, Knowledge, Compassion, Personal Growth, Self-Reliance, Health, Faith, and Friendship.  Then it occurred to me: these things become important only if you have the wherewithal to have the very basic needs of food and shelter taken care of.  I have a widowed neighbor here who has a host of health problems.  She really needs personal assistance, probably should be in an assisted living situation, but she is "on the list" for home-based services that could take weeks, months, or even a year.  

Also, although she  has a difficult time bathing and dressing, she still has a car and continues to drive.  This is an aspect of Florida living far scarier than snakes and alligators.
Human services are cut to the bone.  Still, there is money to loan $10 million to developers who are buying up  foreclosed properties.  Compassion?  More important than money?


  1. You hit the nail on the head there sister, happiness can't be met until basic needs are first met. Talk about the elderly and driving, same here in Lake Havasu.

  2. The problem with Florida is many people do not live there long enough to consider it their home state and to vote. That is why it gets such greedy politicians.

  3. Thanks. Think I will check into that Wound Seal. My brother has that problem and we judge the difficutly of a job buy how many bandaids it took.
    Coastal Florida emphasizes the plight of the elderly for that is where they flock. Inland is where the vigorous seem to go.

  4. Check out Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I think it applies to older people just as well as it does for others.

  5. I've only seen one 'bougi' larger than the one you have and it was in Israel. I adore 'bougies'.

    You also did yourself proud today on food for thought content. Very good stuff.

  6. My friend actually uses super glue to close small cuts - said she was advised to do so by an ER Doc. Just my luck, I'd super glue my fingers together. Keep your hubby away from the pruning shears!

  7. Excellent post. I am interested in Wound Seal. I will have to look for that for my husband.

  8. I'm holding out for compassionate people with money!

  9. Feeling a little ornery today? Then good for you. Ornieriness is much better than complacency.

  10. Sad Olga but true. I see that this is a problem that is growing in our country.
    Like Patti I too am going to see about this Wound Seal. I find myself now needing more and more band aids working out here on the North Forty.
    Honey that is the biggest bougainvillea I have ever seen. I love these plants but they never grow well out here for me. After seeing this one makes me wonder if any of my thumb is green.
    They are thorny so don't take on pruning it. Is there someone that could help you with this besides your hubby.

  11. My ex, The Big Kat, had a small suture come undone on some surgery he had in his groin area. He re-closed it with super glue.

  12. I'm with you. I'm so sick of ageism in media.
    All the best for you and your hubby. When you consider we used to kick it at age 40, in 1900s, we are doing well to adapt to aging bodies and a longer, more productive, meaningful life!
    All the best.
    Greetings from Cottage Country!

  13. Excellent post and you DID hit the nail right on the head. How can you be happy if you're hungry or have no roof over your head?


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