Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Night Sky

Albert Einstein
You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.

We were able to see the planets after sunset last night--Venus and Jupiter in the western sky and Mars, looking quite red in the east.  I had just started reading a book that has been on my list for a very long time--The Glass Castle by Jeannette Wall--and was at the part where her father gave her Venus for a Christmas present.

We made another trip to Myakka State Park today.  Mike's 19 year old grandson is visiting so we wanted to show him some alligators.  He was lucky and found a really big shark's tooth at the beach on Monday.  He had French fries for lunch.  That's about it for spring break excitement here in Venice, but at least he can truthfully say that he was in Florida for spring break.  


  1. I read that book and liked it a lot.

    Is there any way to tell if you've impressed a 19 year old?

  2. I have not the read the book but my list of hundreds has grown too big to add anymore soon. I also have watched the dance of the stars and planets this week. So special.

  3. I liked that book too, but talk about your messed up family.

  4. I like Linda's question: is there any way to tell if you've impressed an 19 year old???
    But you all probably had fun.
    No night sky viewing here lately, but I did see Venus and Jupiter in conjunction with the moon several weeks ago.

  5. I used to love Myakka State Park. That is where we would go to picnic.
    I love that quote and how true.
    I have followed the alignment of planets here also. Cool.

  6. I read "Half-Broke Horses" about her grandmother, which I liked it quite a bit. Been meaning to read "The Glass Castle" and if this proves to be my inspiration, I'll thank my lucky stars!

  7. I would be thrilled to eat French fries in Florida about now. Grandchildren can seem bored, but I bet the next time he wants a free room in the sunshine, he will come again.

  8. I do miss the stars. You seldom see any from where we live. It's the one thing (besides family) that I do look forward to when going back to Michigan. Lots of beautiful stars...

  9. Thanks honey for such a sweet comment today on my site. I really appreciate you so much. I need to shoot you a email about what you know about kidney diseases.
    Your grandson probably had a great spring break with you guys. No matter how old you are grand parent time is the best time.
    So glad you told me about his book I have to make a note of it because you know how I love a good book.
    I just finished reading The Invisible Bridge. Oh my what a sad book but a true story about Jews in Hungary during World War II
    Have a great weekend


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