Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cleaning Up

On a recent post, MerCyn wrote about house cleaning before taking a trip.  I happen to agree with her fully.  God forbid a burglar breaks into our house and has to cart off a dusty TV set, and I am quite sure the house sitters wear white gloves to test for dust on the door sills.

Since we are planning a return trip to Vermont soon, I have started the housecleaning process.  Yesterday I dragged a step ladder in and took down each ceiling lamp (twelve of them), wiped out the bugs, washed and dried them, and put them back up.

All the speed cleaning and efficiency advise says to go room by room, circling to the left and dusting, wiping, polishing, scrubbing, sweeping as you go.  But if there is an efficient way to do things, I am bound to think of a more cumbersome and difficult method, then stick to it like glue -- or whatever that patch of foot-trap is on the floor between the refrigerator and the sink.


I do one job through the whole house and yesterday it was the ceiling lamps.  Most of them had dead ants in them -- go figure -- but there was an occasional fried spider as well.  So no home invader is going to look up at my ceiling and wonder about what kind of slobs live here!

Today is dust and wipe down the wood work day.


I would like to thank Arkansas Patti for inducting me into her Persnickety Club.  Really, I have no clue as to why she made a determination like that, but I am honored nevertheless.

 P.S. I am really not at all worried about someone stealing my television.  This baby is about thirty years old.
(No sense in popping the extra bucks for HD!)  It ways a ton. 

One of my chores will be to move all the furniture to vacuum under, but this behemoth is going nowhere.
I can be flexible.


Linda said...

Oh my, I feel like a slob. I have a sister-in-law who's intensely rigid about spring cleaning. I don't suffer from that. But, won't it be nice for you to return to a clean house? One more thing, did you leave the Vermont house this clean?

Tabor said...

I certainly would do this on the day I arrived...NOT the day I left. LOL

oklhdan said...

I totally get it! I once cleaned for 3 days before the housekeeper came. That's when I decided I didn't need a housekeeper.

Betty said...

When my kids were little, I used to look at the mess and console myself with the thought that if someone broke in, he would think there had been someone there before him, and would leave empty-handed.

Sightings said...

Is the picture of your living room before, or after? It looks spotless!

Muffy's Marks said...

I like a clean house when I leave also. I don't know what for, we're usually gone so long, the dust is thick by the time we get home anyway.

Margaret said...

The thing is, I think you want to lnow that whwn you get home you won't have a big mess waiting for you. That's what I think.

Linda Reeder said...

Yes, I do believe you belong in the persnickety club. I'm just not a spring cleaner, and while I would clean up before leaving, I would no way be that thorough. You'll just have to empty out the bugs again when you come back.;-)

Susan Adcox said...

When I'm getting ready to travel, I'm always haunted by the idea that if I were in an accident, someone would have to come into my house, so I always leave it clean.