Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shell Games

Yesterday was a great day for shells on the beach.  
Since we like to spend time on the Florida beaches, it's only natural that we would decorate our Florida home in that theme.

This is hanging in the car port.
Sand dollar and sea fan

Experiment with glitter

Give me some shells and some glue and I can keep myself amused for a long time.


  1. Great imaginative ways to display them. I like them all but especially the first one.

  2. Shells are wonderful things. I never loose my fascination with them.

  3. What a wonderful way to display your favorite shells. I really like the one on the garage wall. They are all really nice.

  4. You made all of those? I am so impressed.

  5. You do have a wonderful sense of creativity.

  6. I am so impressed. All the shells I collected turned to grit in the bottom of a box somewhere.
    Very creative ideas.

  7. They really are pretty! Especially love that first one!


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