Thursday, February 9, 2012


Yes, they are around.

Really, though, you kind of have to put some effort into looking for them around here.

They look like rubber pool toys.

They appear really slow and lazy.  It wasn't lunch time.

This turtle was not afraid to swim among them.

The dry prairie of Florida around Mayaka Lake.

Really dry...although we have since had some heavy rain.


  1. Mayaka has the most alligators I have seen almost anywhere. We canoed there a number of years ago and they kept splashing the canoe as they jumped into the water when the saw us!

  2. You are living in a very interesting area.

  3. I hope all of those alligators are well fed!

  4. The first thing I checked when I moved to Ar was to see if there were any alligators in the Ozarks. They can really take the fun out of kayaking. Being butt level in the water with alligators is disconcerting.
    For Florida's sake I hope it rains enough to break the drought, for yours an my brother's sake, I hope all the rain comes at night.

  5. I live in Texas, in a county that has more alligators than people. They are really interesting creatures.

  6. My, it's quite the wilderness you have there. Watch where you step.


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