Friday, January 6, 2012


It's nice to own rather than rent until something doesn't work and there's no property manager to call.
I tried the dishwasher for the first time and...nothing.  Water filled the bottom and then didn't drain.  The motor whirred and whined and got smokin' hot.  The dishes remained dry and dirty.

Fortunately, Mike will always try to fix things himself if involves plumbing, mechanical or electrical tinkering.  More importantly, he's good at it.  He has the ability to look at these things and figure out how they should work, then problem solve what's not working and how to get it to do what some design engineer intended.   He did some research on line, never having fixed a dishwasher before, then took off the foot plate and reached underneath.  It took him a few trips back and forth to the computer, but he got it running like new.  Voila!  We have a working dishwasher.

Mike is not so confident with projects involving wood, but I really wanted this Sauder sewing table and he was a good sport and put it together for me.  I am slightly ashamed that I did not even attempt the assembly myself, but there is something to be said for admitting our limitations.  It's not because I am female that I cannot operate a simple screw driver, it's because I am just plain clumsy. Who wants a wonky sewing table?  But I did help.  I handed tools when requested and held things in place as needed.

So, now I have my sewing table and I am ready for some projects of my own.

Here it is all set up and ready for action.

My first project was pillows for the outdoor furniture.  It's white and really needed a shot of color.  I recycled an old beach umbrella that got broken spines a couple of years ago.  I held onto the material because I always liked the colors.  I guess I should say that I "upcycled" it but I am not sure that this little project qualifies.


  1. Wow. Your husband is handy, especially on the dishwasher fix!
    I like your sewing table, and your first project.

  2. Something tells me you went back to FL while I was on blog break. That looks too sunny and summery to be VT in winter!

  3. You are very lucky to have a husband that can fix things! I'm betting you could rent him out!

    Beautiful pillow!

  4. I do believe you have a keeper. Computers help with solutions but they can't do the work.

  5. What a great husband...wish mine was so competent with repairs But you need a pat on the back for your lovely recycle job!

  6. I absolutely love that sewing table! It's great! I need one of those!! ~ My project for the day is to put some more Christmas decorations away. This month my goal is to clean out my basement too. We have been here 1 1/2 years now and there are still some boxes down there that need to go to yard sale or Salvation Army, or trash. ~~ Have fun in your Florida house!

  7. I can vouch that it's not because you're female that you can't operate a simple screw driver. I'm a male, and am hopeless in that area as well. And I don't know how to sew, either. (However, I can lift heavy things and move them someplace else; and I can reach the top shelves in the kitchen, so my wife lets me stick around).

  8. My husband is a fixer, too. One of his finest attributes.

  9. I wish I could fix things. I'm pretty helpless.

  10. Like Patti says you have a keeper.
    One of the big things I miss about a hubby is fixing things for me. Now I have to pay for it or try to do it myself and boy when I do sometimes it cost more to have it fixed. haha
    You have a great space to create with your sewing machine and your off to a good start.
    Have a great week

  11. That you travelled with that scrap is amusing. I would likely not have packed such a thing. You must have had a plan. SMART!

  12. Your posts are very interesting and well written! Thank you for writing!


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