Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Caspersen Beach 2

 According to the local Herald Tribune, Venice has the highest median age in the United States, around 68, if I remember correctly.
Only about 30 percent of Venice (FL) residents have jobs--not so much due to the bad economy, but due to the number of retired people who live here.

So you see a lot of people fishing.

  Of course, some have to fish for a living.  I missed the picture of the crab boat, but this pelican was hard at work diving for fish.
I no longer have a job, nor am I crazy about fishing, but I do enjoy a quiet walk on the beach. This was way quiet and the water, very calm.  It was still early, though.

The "dead tree" has always been a landmark for beach walkers and shark tooth hunters.  I don't know how much longer that will last.

I told someone recently that I did miss walking in the snow.  That was a fleeting feeling.  I don't really miss it that much.


  1. What! You told me about liking the snow - now you're taking it back? I wouldn't mind walking that beach with you, Olga. (I don't have any great beach clothes, though.)

  2. I'm walking in the snow in Oregon. I can see why you love Florida so much and living in that kind of town sounds wonderful.

  3. I think I would enjoy such walks. I'm so glad you are enjoying the beach scene.

  4. OK. You can stop it now. The rest of us have to put on coats and hats and we would like a LITTLE sympathy.

  5. Well I would enjoy those beach walks for a few weeks and then I would miss winter. I love coming back to the snow. It is a huge part of my history and I'm not willing to give it up.

  6. Your beach pictures are wonderful! Very different from the beaches of southern California but just as beautiful and just as peaceful. Having been born in Michigan, I sure don't miss the snow! However it could be warmer. California is having a cold spell and it is only in the low 60s today.

  7. Gosh, in that age group, I would be just a little above average.
    Beach walks and snow walks each have their perks. I am still waiting for a snow walk here. Yesterday low temp was 6--today it was 18. I'm so confused.

  8. I walked in snow today. Somehow it doesn't really compete with your walk on the beach.


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