Friday, December 16, 2011

Lunch Ladies

My friend Donna hosted a lovely Christmas lunch for eight of us 60 somethings and one delightfully well-behaved four year old.  I kick myself for forgetting to take my camera because her house was perfectly decorated.  It would be hard to spend an afternoon there and not feel in the Christmas spirit.

Her house is always nicely decorated, but she goes all out for Christmas.  Her rooms are decorated according to themes.  So the Adirondack room has a tree with canoe ornaments and all the Santas are fishing or hunting in their L.L. Bean plaid togs.  Her Victorian room has a tree and angel decorations.  And so it goes.  All so tastefully done.  She is one artistic lady.  I can only marvel.

Everybody got an angel.

Now, this is an angel I found on a walk in the woods a few years ago.  I added a bit of decoration, but it was clearly an angel when I picked it up.  It even had a face.
No, really!  It is too an angel!!


  1. I wholeheartedly agree - it is definitely an angel!

  2. It appears there are angels you have got me looking.

  3. I can see the angel and I like what you did with her.

  4. What a nice lady to do that for the ladies and I am sure a properly spoiled 4 year old. 8 Grannies?? What a lucky youngun.
    Cool Angel. A no doubter.

  5. "When I ask for a "late morning" appointment to get my hair cut, the girl at the desk always asks, 'How about 9?' That is not late morning in my world."
    Nor MINE! What the heck time do the salons open in the Green Mountain State, anyway????

  6. It is definitely an angel. It just took an artist to recognize it.

  7. What a wonderful way to spend the day with friends. I do the same thing leave my camera when I wanted it so bad.
    Your friends home sounds lovely.
    Love both of your angels. I agree this is an angel.
    Sending you much love for a very Merry Christmas

  8. you can never have too many angels ... and your woodland angel is a beautiful find !

  9. Looks like an angel to me.

    How do some people have all that creativity and the energy to do all the decorating?

  10. I love the angel you found. What is made of?


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