Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Doctor Appointment Day

Mike had his check up after the last cardioversion--everything is A-OK.  I went with him to make sure he was not just giving me an overly optimistic report and I got the "A-OK" report directly from his doctor.  He just has to keep taking the handful of meds...but they are working.

As we left the doctor's office, I said, "At least now I know that you can shovel your own damn driveway." (Never mind that we actually share the driveway, and I actually go out more than he does in the winter time.)

Later, I had my eye examination.  No problems there...except those dilation eye drops do not seem to be wearing off.  Maybe I should just close my eyes and go to sleep for the rest of the night.  My eyes are perfectly healthy...I just can't see.  Oh, and those spiders I see running around on the wall or across the pillow every morning--just floaters.  Fortunately, I had already figured that out for myself.  It was the time I saw a spider running across Mike's back when I first woke up.  I stopped myself from screaming and thumping it
as Mike still slept.  Good move on my part.

I did finish a couple of good books this past week.  Three Junes by Julia Glass is a book I checked out of the library three times.  I did not get past the first few chapters until the third time, the charm.  I read the whole book and really enjoyed it.  Must be I just was not ready before.

I also read The Lace Reader.  I know, I was on the NYT best seller list three years ago.  I take my time and don't just fall for all the trendy stuff.  Anyway, I really did enjoy this book--witches, mental illness, all kinds of abuse, suicide ideation, lost twins, religious fanaticism, psychic powers, romance--it had it all.  I wasn't even on the beach and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.


  1. It's true: sometimes you just aren't ready for a book. I'll look for those!

  2. Annoying floaters!! I love you woodsy Angel. Do you have her on your tree?

  3. Glad you are only seeing floaters. I barely have time to read. These books sound interesting. I will add them to the list.


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