Monday, November 21, 2011

Planting and Parking Lot

Our Vermont property abuts a town-owned tract that is used for both the town highway business and recreational purposes.

A parking lot was built by the Town of Jericho in the fall of 2005.  Then they found out they needed a permit to do so...a small whoops.  The Developmental Review Board issued approval for general  outdoor recreation use on the town owned Mobbs Farm property. The DRB  also approved the site plan for  the two parking lots already in place--one on the Fitzsimonds Road and one on  Brown’s Trace-- with conditions in July, 2007.
One condition was that the Brown’s Trace parking lot be adequately screened from the view of abutting property owners.  That project finally got a bit of a boost the weekend of October 28 and 29, a few weeks ago.

Gulf View Farm is a  family run operation out of Williamstown, Vermont.  They supplied a number of blue spruce trees.  Owner Jason Cone was assisted in the planting  by his wife, his brother, his sons and nephew, and our neighbor Bob, on Sunday, October 29, 2011.
Jason Cone said primary focus of this side business has been Christmas trees, but they have also supplied border screening plantings of blue spruce trees for other towns in the area.  Gulf View Farm is also set to add a maple sugaring operation in the coming season.  “Anything we can do to keep the land and the family together.”

Three young and industrious Cone family members hand dug all the holes for tree planting on Saturday, October 28, 2011. A lot of work...and they remained cheerful through two long days of digging and planting.

There are other conditions that must be put into place before the parking lot can re-open, but a step was taken in that direction.  Thanks, Bob.


  1. I do like seeing young people who are not afraid of but rather relish hard work!

  2. I like hearing about family businesses where the family members are working together to keep the business viable.

  3. Three fine examples of what is right with our youth.

  4. As a homeowner who over the years has witnessed neighbors do awfully ugly things to their property -- in full view of other people on the street -- I congratulate you and commend the Cone family!


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