Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seasonal Confusion

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I have had my battles with depression.  Seasonal Affective Disorder?  Yeah, I know all about that.
I tried a number of times to get my health insurance company to pay for a February trip to the Caribbean, but I found out they are just not nearly as committed to prevention as they claim to be.  Can't they see a savings from not having to reimburse all those antidepressants? Short-sightedness...that's what is wrong with this country's health care system.

My seasonal blips seem to be more about a period of change.  I get anxious when I feel that summer is going to give way to fall.  Then I adjust to fall but get anxious again when it is turning dark and wintry.  Of course I get the most down when it is time for winter to change to spring and it just isn't happening in the cycle of Vermont seasons.  It's the lack of change for the better that gets to me.

This year has had my head spinning.  We made three trips to Florida.  We came home in March to a fairly mild spring that turned into a long rainy period through May.  We went to Venice in June and enjoyed a week of heat and sunshine.  We came back to a cooler Vermont summer, then went back to Florida for a few weeks of more heat and sunshine.  Now back in Vermont, we have seen little sun at all and the dark time is here.  It looks like the sun has moved South, although, I am sure it is more accurate to say that our part of the world has tilted on its axis away from the sun.

Two weeks ago we were walking on the beach and taking dips in the Gulf of Mexico.  This week we are expecting the first snow of the season.  I haven't had time to feel depressed and anxious so much as confused.  Put away the bathing suit and pull out the winter jacket and wooly hats and scarves.

Hang on.  In a couple of weeks we will be throwing the resetting of clocks into the mix.  I'll certainly "fall back" into temporal confusion for a week after that...and start packing my bags again.


  1. Sounds like Wisconsin, we can wear a bathing suit and winter coat all in the same day. Really "F's" me up!!!! Light lots of lights for the holiday season.... then get outta town.

  2. Oh, boy . . . do I hear you loud and clear about the seasonal thing! I've pretty much just gone to bed with books for the season, with obligatory breaks to get up and go to work.
    We used to spend February in Florida and coming back to March in the great Northeast was enough to make me want to string myself I'm almost glad we don't go away anymore.

  3. Goodness, you can't help but be confused. Such vastly different climes. At least you have the carrot of Florida to keep you going forward.

  4. I hear you on the seasonal depression. I have a full spectrum light that helps me along the way. I have already started using it. I am feeling that all-too-familiar winter blues coming on.

    By the way, I really wish my grandma had a blog.

  5. Actually, I thought this was quite interesting. I wonder how spending more time in Florida will affect your seasonal depression. I wonder if you will just forget there are seasons, or will you long for the differences even while knowing how the changes affect you.

    Aren't we interesting creatures?

  6. I think that would confuse me, too. Here there is not too much change. We all think we would like more weather, but we can barely drive in the rain as it is. What would we do without something like snow?

  7. I for one can see why you would be so confused. I was rather rattled myself reading about your different time zones. lol
    Girlfriend hang in there or if all else fails fly to Texas.

  8. Hi Olga, You've done a lot of traveling this year - back and forth. It would confuse my inner clock, too. Now - if you lived here, you wouldn't even put the hats and scarves away! Did you get snow?

  9. We manage a week in Mexico around Christmas and the est of the season we just sit by the fire. We try to get out for walks when there's no wind. That's a challenge.


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