Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I just gotta love having this pantry.  It would probably be much more practical at our regular house than at the winter house.  I do like my VT kitchen for its efficient work space, but storage is a bit tight.   We have plenty of shelving in the basement for after those trips to Costco, but a pantry in the kitchen is more convenient than having to run downstairs for that can of tomatoes.

Well, I had to give up running down the stairs after the falling incident last July.  I am reduced to creeping down the stairs while  clinging to the railing.  If only I could learn to be that cautious!

Before I took that tumble, I had been out in the front garden snapping a couple of pictures of lovely lavender in bloom.  My shoes were wet which I realized just a bit too late.  When I came in and headed down the stairs, I slid and went rolling noisily down.  What I didn't write about at the time (I don't think, but forgive me if I repeat myself.  Age seems to do that to people.)--part of the noise was the camera flying into the air, hitting the wall and then hitting the floor with a bang.

Now this was right when Mike was using the camera daily as he put items up for sale on e-bay.  Remember that that is how he generated his share of the money for a Florida home.  As he came running out of his office to find me writhing in pain at the bottom of the stairs, I could see the concern in his eyes.  I also saw his eyes momentarily flicker to the camera.  They widened with even more concern.  He made a good choice, though.  He tended to me before he checked out the camera.  (It was not harmed.)

I am treating myself to a haircut today.  I think that there must be something about the heat and humidity that makes hair and nails grow like crazy because this haircut just cannot wait until I am home next week.


  1. I love your new winter digs, the pantry is anyone's dream. I agree, I hate stairs. I'm such a clutz, usually falling up or down. I am sure glad you were not seriously hurt, and for you sake the camera survived ;) Enjoy your drive back home!

  2. I suspect you'd like to just stay on in Florida until next spring and keep playing with your new house. Looks like a very neat pantry.

  3. Aw, I wish I had a pantry. Lucky you.
    That was some spill you took but didn't know you had your camera with you. Too bad you didn't get any action shots.
    Hubby made the smart move.

  4. I fell other places and am now very careful on my stairs. Have to take off my trifocals so I can see my feet clearly.

  5. I am a bit envious of that pantry. I need space like that.

    Be careful on those stairs. You were fortunate not to really hurt yourself.

  6. Gosh - your July fall is a cautionary tale! Sounds as though your haircut was a success - nice to be pampered sometimes!


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