Friday, October 21, 2011

More on a haircut...

Some people wanted a picture of my feel-good haircut so here is one.

My hair is fine in texture but very thick.  As is obvious, it wants to wave where it wants to wave.  Not curl or fall softly.  It is more into the Medusa snake dance if left to its own devices.

When I was much younger and wanted a particular hair style--like for a year book picture or a wedding, my hair actually caused hair dressers to break down in tears of frustration.  So imagine how I felt.

Now, there are times when I walk out of the salon feeling pretty good about a haircut, but once I wash it myself it is over.  For a time I wore it really short not because I liked the way it looked but because it was wash and go.  Then I grew it long enough to pull back into a perpetual ponytail but that got to be too severe looking.

The professional blow out of this haircut was very nice, but this picture was taken after a few washes and it really seems to work with the texture of my hair somehow.  I like the way it feels on my head.  I do not spend a lot of time fussing with my hair and make-up so how it feels is important to me.

Have you noticed that some hairstyles can place a person in her home state as accurately as speech accents?

And for those who prefer to cut their own hair, you might find some interesting tips here.


  1. Your hair looks soft and pretty. I wear mine short and slightly spiked (depending on my mood). Mine is also fine but thick. I have never caused my hairstyists to break down in tears though...

  2. I Like the new do! Makes you look younger. I had really wavey hair through my pre pregnancy years. After I gave birth to my first child, the waves relaxed. Life was less of a struggle with the hair thingy. Like yourself, I don't spend alot of time on hair or make-up. Confidence comes from within, not external. You go girl!

  3. "Fine but thick." I know it well. It takes a very skilled, talented hairdresser to cut it so that it works! Fortunately I have one, and apparently you do too! Keep her/him!
    I have followed mine from one salon to another to another, and now to a temporary apres-flood location!

  4. It looks great! I have the same problems with my hair and the same disinterest in doing much with it.

  5. Nice hair! When I was young I worried about my cowlick. Now I just wish I had enough hair to HAVE a cowlick!

  6. I like the way your hair looks. If you are happy after styling it yourself after a few washings, it must be a good cut.

  7. I have three determined cowlicks, and an even more determined widow's peak. I always wanted bangs, but could never have them. It took over thirty years to come to peace with that.


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