Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cake Pops

The public library in Venice, FL has a rather large used book store run by the friends of the library.  It is almost as big as our Jericho Town Library circulation space.  The store is staffed full time by at least two volunteers--an advantage of a large retired population.  They wear  pink pinnies.   One of my volunteer activities is to keep the sale book shelf tidy and supplied, but I don't have to wear any particular uniform to identify me as a library volunteer.

Anyway, I went there (Venice library) to pick up some magazines for some light reading in the evenings--since I knew I was going to be pretty worn out by then most nights here for a while.  I got (for $1.00--I am so, so frugal lately!) a September Coastal Living and October issues of Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, and Country Living.

What are the odds?  I ended up with two recipes, timely for Halloween celebration, for "easy" cake pops.  The process involves baking a cake from mix, reducing it to fine crumbs, mixing it with prepared frosting, shaping it into balls, poking in the pop sticks and then decorating it somehow (I never got that far).

What kind of crazed Martha wannabe does one have to be to attempt something like this?

Don't get me wrong.  I am fascinated by Martha Stewart for a lot of reasons.  Her delight in all things ghoulish and ghosty  isn't among those reasons.

Full on celebration of Halloween has crept into our culture though.  Although, if you haven't already purchased all your costumes, candy, and decorations, you will either be totally out of luck OR you will be able to snap up some sale bargains.  Because stores are in the process of clearing space for Christmas season items.


  1. They now advertise on TV the round cupdake pans with round tops to make these cupcakes. I think that would taste better than cake crumbs mixed with frosting.

  2. I always buy my Halloween candy early, but somehow it "disappears" and I have to buy more. Ah well, it's only once a year.

  3. We don't 'do' Hallowe'en.
    No kids around!
    Plus, as a teacher I did it so many times in my classroom. happy to leave it all behind me!

  4. I expect any day they will put Christmas decorations out before Easter. Sounds like you've found yourself a nice place to hang out and read. Sounds like fun.

  5. Olga - I had to smile at this: "pinnies" - I haven't heard this word since junior high gym class (a very long time ago).

  6. Cake pops are all the rage where I live, but they are too sweet for me!


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