Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moving In

The house we bought came "partially furnished."  This means that there was a furnished master bedroom. spare bedroom, living room, dining area, and all the major appliances.  There was a patio set of table and four chairs and a few decorative items.  But of course we want to make the place our own and then are are the little things we needed to furnish for the kitchen and the stuff of life.

We have a budget and a set of priorities.  We want to be able to cook and clean before we start adding some decorative color.  We wanted to use the one completely empty room for an office/work space.  But we find that we have to be flexible.  Venice, Florida is a good place to score deals at consignment shops and charity resale shops.  They are everywhere.  Some places are like dumpster diving and others are so high end we can't even afford the used stuff.  So we might set out looking for one thing (a bookcase for the office) and come home with something that was slated for a year or two down the road (a better patio set).
This set was used, but very lightly, I would say.  It was really clean and included the two swivel rockers with ottomans, two regular chairs, a dining table and a small table and we got it for merely half our furniture budget.  The guest bedroom goes down the priority list now.  We may have to ask people to bring their own towels.

The place we happened upon that had this set is Pelican Cottage in Osprey, FL.  I have the feeling I will stopping in there again before the house is done.

Fortunately, I found a Bissell vacuum for ten dollars and this cephalon pan for eight at the Venice Goodwill store.  The vacuum is purple, but I was feeling a need for more in the way of color so we picked up this bench for the master bedroom.

And, of course, there is always room to indulge the craftsy side.

You may well ask, "Why glue shells on a paint brush?"  Well, this is handy to have in the car and/or hanging by the door after a trip to the beach (it's only four miles away).  We use it to brush sand off our feet.


  1. That brush is an excellent idea. I will have to remember that. Also, news to me but shouldn't be are all the places to buy discount stuff. With people dying everyday in Florida, maybe I should do my patio shopping there!

  2. The brush is a fantastic idea. Very clever.

    Furnishing your place gets my creative juices flowing. What a fun task.

  3. I liked seeing your "finds," Olga! The bench and its color are wonderful. (I also like the bottle bush in your previous post.)

  4. Great shopping. And that sand brush is a great idea. I might keep one by my door for grass clippings.
    Arkansas Patti

  5. Sounds like you live near some really great places to bargain hunt. Wish we had those here.
    I like your patio set and the bench is lovely.
    I am getting excited for you


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