Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday

Mike's cardioversion went well and he said this morning that he feels great.  Frisky, even.  That is good news even though he really hadn't noticed any symptoms previously.  (I admit that I was concerned at his being a bit out of focus, though.)  He is still hoping that the fist full of  medications he has to take each morning will be reduced.  His doctor said, "We'll wait and see." 

I was reminded when my kids would get frustrated when they were given an answer of "Maybe."

He had more Happy Birthday wishes than ever.  Every single person that interacts with a patient in the hospital asks, "What's your name?  When's your birthday?"  We were out of the hospital by 9:15 AM and he took a good long nap after we had some breakfast.  We'll have his cake tonight, so, in a way, he's getting a prolonged birthday.


There are a number of puff balls growing in the back yard.  This is really a mutant looking one.  I can picture some kind of alien space creature evolving out of this at sun down.  Excuse me while I go lock all the windows and doors.


  1. Glad that's in YOUR yard and not mine!


  2. Good news all round!
    I thought the first picture of the puffball was a sculpture of a woman bowed down in prayer . . . see? You're looking at the top of her head and her shoulders....she's on her knees and leaning down on her elbows...
    Do you see it?
    Of course the whole image goes to hell in a handbasket when y'look at the second picture...

  3. So glad Mike's tune up went well. Hope the pill taking will be reduced. It must be frustrating.
    I would want to know what that thing eats. Darn scary looking.
    Arkansas Patti

  4. Those puffballs are weird. I'd be locking my doors and window also. What are those things caused by???

    I'm glad your hubby is doing better.

  5. I actually think the puffballs are kind of pretty. I at first thought it was an organic purse you'd made. Doesn't say much for my taste in purses.

  6. OMGoodness honey are you positive thats what these things are...puffballs...hahaha
    I have never ever seen these and look how old I am.
    Strange you came by this morning because I was praying for you guys last night. More than once this has happened to me on blogging. Amazing what a connection we all have.
    Thanks for the update and the puffballs.
    Please keep your windows locked too

  7. It is difficult having an ill loved one. All the best from here.


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