Friday, September 16, 2011


It's not often that I am ahead of any kind of trend.  I am not even sure that this counts.  I've written about my old Opal Kadette and my yellow VW bug--small cars that got me through the energy crisis and the escalating price of gasoline right on into the 80's (remember--went up to a dollar!).  I was into small, fuel efficient vehicles while others were just rolling their eyes at my toy cars.  I liked small cars--putting up with the lack of room and family loading conveniences for the ease of driving and parking.

So when it was time for the yellow car to go to the car assisted living facility, I bought a Ford Fiesta.  A likeness can be seen on this video if you look quickly--except mine was white.  This was a small car.  Very small.  Another standard transmission, stripped down model, but it definitely got us all where we needed to go.  This was a time when I should have had a minivan, soccer mom kind of vehicle because I spent nearly all of my time chauffeuring kids--not to soccer but to swimming lessons and skiing and gymnastics and piano and baseball and friends' houses and trips to the mall and in between that running to the grocery store for gallons of milk and loaves of bread that I just couldn't seem to keep in the refrigerator/cupboard for more than two hours at a time.

The Fiesta did have one minor quirk.  The windshield wiper motor shorted out every time it rained.  This was an improvement over the Opal that completely stopped all together whenever it got wet, but still quite inconvenient in an area that gets its full share of rain.  After a loooong trip home from my sister's with my two kids, driving through a pouring rain in the dark, I got it fixed.  They replaced the motor and that was that.  I do remember it cost about 120 dollars--about 15 bucks of which was labor charge.  I was worried that it was going to be an expensive car to maintain.  Remember those days?  Struggling on a budget?

The Ford Fiesta disappeared from the American driving scene, but I understand that it has been reintroduced.  I have not run out to get one yet.  I have the soccer mom car now, although I guess it should be called a soccer grandma car.  No kids to transport to various activities unless the grand kids are visiting, but it is packed up full for the trip to Florida.  Maybe when we get the new place all furnished, we'll look at a smaller car.


  1. I'm one of those people who can't tell one car from another. We do have a van for when we travel and haul bikes or grands and a small car for every other kind of driving. Mostly, in the city, we try to walk and not get the car out of the garage.

  2. I have a passion for the small cars.
    Kind of laughed that now you have the kid hauler. My brother when the kids were home camped with the whole family in a pop up. Now they are retired and on their own, they have a gigantic motor home with all the bells and whistles.

  3. Ah yes those days send me into sweet thoughts. My bug was red. It's brakes failed driving through the Smoky Mountains on March break, Thank God that one could gear down! And the just happened to be a service centre and town in the valley that we finally managed to come to a halt in.
    Are you staying in Florida all the time or just for the winter?

  4. I'm a big fan of minivans--lots of passenger room and gas consumption that's reasonable. And I don't care about the cool/uncool factor.

  5. Are you heading out soon? Is it getting too wintery there already?

  6. I love it. "So when it was time for the yellow car to go to the car assisted living facility"
    Love your posts.

  7. We too have had various cars. My husband doesn't believe in buying a new car! We are currently looking for another good used car. Two of my driving aged kids have gradually done a number on our present car!~ Have a great trip!


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