Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy Week Ahead

Labor Day was very rainy--but at least there was not the flooding of the previous weekend.  The weather report for today is "cloudy until midnight, followed by more clouds and possible rain showers."  I had a dentist appointment today (replacing an old filling) and then went shopping.  On Friday, Mike has a doctor's appointment for a cardioinversion to reset his heart rhythm.  Routine.  Nothing to worry about...right??  Friday is his birthday #68.  Delightful way to spend it.  They say he will be done and out of there by 9AM.

In between the week's appointments, the dreary kind of weather has given me some incentive to stay inside and get started on some cleaning.  The cloudy weather and Mike stepping in spilled oil in the garage and then walking through the house gave me incentive.  I have mentioned the carpet cleaning product, Argosheen, before.  It really works.

We are also getting ready for a three week trip to Florida at the end of this month.  We'll spend some time getting to know all about our new winter home and getting that set up and ready for our winter stay.  It's exciting.  We bought a partially furnished place so it will be like Christmas discovering what is there and what we will need to be on the lookout for.  I have started packing some things I know I will just leave there and Mike is getting the car ready for the long drive.

I am planning to take him out for a birthday dinner when we get to Venice.  I picked out Mangiafico to go for my birthday and it was so good, any excuse to go again.  It was not just the best Italian food I ever had.  It was the best food period.


  1. Venice/ the Florida thing seems very exciting. I know a few folks who do it. Hope it is all you wish it to be..

  2. I hear more rain is on the way for you there in New England as more tropical storms influence your weather. You'll be ready for Florida, for sure, just as long as those hurricanes miss you.

  3. I can sense your excitment for the days to come. Have a safe trip. Hope everything is in order when you get there.

  4. I bet you are looking forward to your time in Florida. I hope the rain stops where you are soon because we are heading that way in just about two weeks.

  5. Hope Mike's tune up goes smoothly. Not the best way to spend a birthday. I'm sure the Venice celebration will be much better.
    As for the partially furnished new home, you know they will take all the good stuff. Have fun.
    Arkansas Patti

  6. I hope all goes well with Mike. But couldn't you just bean him, dragging in the oil? M-E-N!!
    I'll bet you're excited to go south for a diversion. Happy treasure hunting, hope you find 'good' stuff. Post pictures of the more interesting items. I read your blog often, but I am back to dial up until all the leaves are off the trees; not that I'm wishing time away, but,,,,,,,,jeez the dial up is driving me crazy. Today I am in town at the library. Zip, zip zoom, and everything loads.

  7. Happy 68th to Mike! (Even if he was a "bad boy" bringing in the oil stains...) I'm in Denver and it's raining here, too - we needed it though.


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