Friday, August 12, 2011

Subtle Changes

Just a couple of weeks ago we sat on the deck and admired the green, green, green of summer in Vermont.  Alas, already it is changing.  Warm temperatures are still predicted for the weekend, but the signs are there.  Trees are starting to become tinged with yellow.  The setting sun has moved to the south and says its "good-night" much earlier.  There is a chill in the night air that just was not there a while ago.  The crickets are full on
singing.  There is definitely a while to go before summer is over, but the signs of its fading are upon us.

Autumn in Vermont is a beautiful season, but there is something about the transition period that has always left me feeling melancholy.  Here, winter settles in like ursine hibernation.  Spring slithers chameleon-like between winter and summer.   Summer arrives like one of those choreographed flash dances.  I guess it is the only season that gives warning.  That bothers me.

Most Northerners are hardest hit with  Seasonal Affective Disorder in March.  That is certainly the time that sees the  highest suicide rate here.  Me, I always get the blues in mid August.


  1. Oh, I know what you mean. Summer goes all to quickly. The fact that we haven't had much summer weather doesn't help, but at least things are fresher and greener than usual for mid August. Just saying "mid-august" brings on that melancholy feeling.
    I do have to say that it is much better now that I am retired and am not heading back to work for another school. Summer can go on endlessly, even if the weather doesn't.

  2. Funny you should mention this. At Knit Night this week several mentioned feeling like fall was just around the corner. Said the felt the urge to knit a sweater.
    It has been a near perfect summer for me this year in the PNW.

  3. I think I understand. Summe seems way too short. .

  4. I am just the other way. Summer last way too long for me, I love cool and cold weather. If it weren't for gardening I would have no use for summer. Different strokes.
    Arkansas Patti


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