Sunday, August 14, 2011


I missed the meteor shower the other night, but I did get to see the full moon rising last night as I put the grand kids to bed.  That was good for "one more" hop out of bed to see.

My daughter and her husband were planning to drop the kids off at noon and go to the Stowe car show.  Her car broke down (timing belt problem) on the way and they had to get it towed, then get home to take his car, the Mister Cruiser, a honking big 60's Mercury.  The kids arrived here around 3 p.m. and then daughter and son-in-law went on to Stowe, where his car broke down.  Not a good day for them.

I drove to Stowe today to get them and take them to Burlington where they could get a car rental for the trip home.  I do wish life was a bit easier for my children, but I seem to have misplaced my magic wand.

Pass-the-book is coming soon.  Let me know if you want your name in the hat for A Homemade Life.


  1. Cars breaking down . . . what a DRAG!
    I wish life were easier for everybody, but after a while, it all makes for funny stories. Sometimes it takes YEARS to become a funny story, but still...

  2. I understand that wish that you have for your children. I share the same wish. I also have decided that they really must figure it out on their own just as I had to do. I help where I can, but am cutting many of the apron strings. I have to for their sake and mine.

  3. Two break downs does make one feel picked on. June has a point. Time does turn disasters into humor and is like muscle building for our fortitude. Too bad there isn't an easier way.
    Arkansas Patti

  4. Son just stopped by. He's barely making it, but doesn't want to talk about it. Too depressing. Jill is in route to Seattle, throwing her family topsy-turvey. I need that magic wand too.

  5. I stayed up late to watch the meteor shower last year -- although I only saw a couple -- but this year it all passed me by. Was I too busy, or too lazy?

    Anyway, I "get it" about August and how it presages summer's end. But remember, September is a beautiful month!

  6. yes, it's difficult to kiss it and make it better with grown children.


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