Monday, August 22, 2011

Herb Lady

Some where...and I have completely forgotten where exactly...creeping decrepitude is set on getting me...some where I was reading about the phrase "cat-lady crazy."
Now I loved my cat to pieces, but I am in no danger of becoming a cat lady--crazy or otherwise.  I was, am, and shall remain a one cat kind of person.  Sure, it's possible that I'll get to a point where I don't remember this rule I've made for myself and I'll be tempted by a cute little kitten face, but I think it most unlikely that I would adopt cats willy-nilly.  That's just not in my make-up.
I mean, the cat part is not in my make-up.  I am afraid the crazy part just might be a part of my DNA.
Actually, I can see myself becoming a bit of a crazy herb lady.

[Oh, wait!  I do remember.  It was Chris Bohjalian's column in a Sunday Burlington Free Press.  See.  A little crazy, but not completely senile just yet!  I take my little victories where I can these days.]

Since I had to cut back on salt I have been more and more interested in spices and herbs.  I like the sensual quality--the aromas, the tastes, the visual bling-- they add to the whole process of cooking and eating.  Right now, I am into thyme--as in carrots and onions cooked and then glazed with butter, honey and thyme. I also mix basil, oregano, thyme and a pinch of rosemary to season fresh green beans drizzled with olive oil.  An herb butter of thyme and freshly ground mixed pepper corns on corn on the cob...mmm...heaven.  Perhaps it will surprise no one to hear that Mike doesn't eat any of that stuff.

And, I'll admit, herbs are my most successful garden yields.  The @#$%&* woodchuck does not seem to enjoy munching herbs.  I have abundant thyme, chives, sage, mint and lavender that grows each year.  I plant parsley, Greek oregano. marjoram, and rosemary annually.  The only thing that bolts on me --or gets eaten by bugs-- is basil.  Basil is abundant in the field of the farm market where I stop.  There must be some thing that I have yet to learn about growing basil.  That's nice--to have new things to learn.  I get put-off my Know-It-Alls.

I made a nice bathroom cleaner out of grapefruit oil and rosemary, which is said to have antiseptic qualities.  It smells better than chemicals.  I also just bought some Suave shampoo that is rosemary and mint and it is absolutely heavenly to use.  Of course, my hair is still my hair.  Nothing tames that into submission for long.  But I'm adjusted to that and it's untamed fuzziness kind of lends me the air of a crazy herb lady.


  1. I have had good luck with my basil, but it gets very hot here. I'm growing Italian and Greek basil. The Greeky basil has smaller leaves and is a bit peppery, but it is really hearty. Maybe you could try it next year. Maybe the bugs won't like it as much. Of course, you know I am a crazy dog lady. I only have the one, but that is only because my husband won't let us get another one...or two.

  2. I am so enjoying my herb garden also. My husband is the same way as yours. We sit down to eat, and I hear, "What is this you put in here?" I'm loving the fresh taste, so he can eat it or scrape it off.

  3. I'm going to tell my husband about the herbs you use for green beans. We have a bowl of those he'll be preparing tonight.

  4. I love to look at colorful pots of herbs, but alas, I seldom like their taste. Wish I did because food is pretty bland in my diet.

  5. I love basil. I just toss a few bits in my salad, and when I come across one I go MMMMM!

  6. Our basil is a failure this year - not enough heat. I cook with herbs a lot, and I agree, thyme is lovely with vegetables.


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