Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clearing Out

Today's garden work involved pruning.  I gave a pretty severe trimming to the lavender in the flower garden and to the spirea in the side yard.  I pruned out the four lilac bushes and snipped off some sucker branches from the two crab apple trees.  Now I have a large pile to haul off to the stump dump tomorrow.
Actually, I was quite restrained.

 I have been known to go a little overboard with loppers and a trimming saw, but I haven't actually killed any of the hedges and bushes.  The vegetation around here is pretty forgiving.

I am also working on my annual clear out the storage areas.  Mike put a lot of stuff up on e-bay and made some good money.  He knows about certain antiques and values so he can do that.  I just give stuff to the Salvation Army or the Clutter Barn.  The funny thing is we have yet to notice big expanses of cleared out space.  Strange about that.

I recently read a magazine article about clearing people out of your life--people who are not your friends anymore or are hurtful to you in some way.  That's not quite as easy as pruning branches or packing up boxes. A bit more painful...unless, of course,  the saw slips.

Now, if I dared to climb twenty feet up into this tree with a chain saw to cull out the dead branches...

but I do, on occasion show good sense.  Of course there is always a professional tree company that could take care of this but some of would rather let nature take its course.  I just hope no one is under the tree when the next big branch comes down...that's all I'm saying,


  1. It looks very green there in VT! I was pruning/weeding today, too. My gardens are wild affairs esp. this late in the summer. I have 5 garbage bags full of garden waste and like your storage space, there don't seem to be any empty spaces. PS I like your shell Header.

  2. Tree pruning should be left to the experts. I am on vacation and wondering how my garden has done in this heat and how much pruning I am going to have to do when I get home. My lavendar was still blooming when I left.

  3. The ice storms here do my tree pruning for me. Umm, ice storms, does that ever sound wonderful right now. Think I am brain addled in this heat.
    Arkansas Patti

  4. Sounds like good productive work, the kind that makes you feel like you've gotten things done.


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