Thursday, August 11, 2011


When Mike was 11 years old he had "the best chocolate cake ever" at a friend's house.  He asked the friend's mother for the recipe so his mom could make it home.  Isn't that cute?

His mom gave me that recipe, but I could never earn the "Best Cake Ever" status.  My cakes all tend to be slightly on the dry side.  A friend of mine has used the exact same recipe and gets marvelous, moist cake so I don't entirely get it.

Anyway..."Chocolate Cupcakes with Bittersweet Glaze" is a recipe from A Homemade Life.  (Make a comment and I could be sending it to you soon!)  Mike is in love with me all over again.  These were a major hit.  Like I said, if you get a craving for chocolate, this will fill the bill.

Now, the very last recipe in the book is also for a chocolate cake that comes with instruction that it should not be served to someone your feel just so-so about.  It is for when you want to get some one's full attention.

Hmm...lots of chocolate, lots of butter, sugar and eggs, a teeny bit of flour.  It's called the "Winning Hearts and Minds Cake."  Do I even dare??

Oh, and I don't feel free to copy out these recipes for fear of copyright infringement, but check out the author's blog: make a comment to be next in Pass-the-Book.


  1. When the company I used to work for asked me to edit a recipe book, with recipes from all the employees, then wanted it copyrighted, I discovered that you can't copyright recipe ingredients, only the formatting and/or art work used with them, or the book cover. You probably don't have to worry about copyright infringement on the lists of ingredients and the preparation instructions.

  2. Sure glad you found your way to Mike's heart again.
    Will pass on the Pass-the-book offer and hope it lands in the hands of a real foodie.
    Good to know what Betty said.
    Arkansas Patti

  3. I am a fan of anything chocolate. Just made some great chocolate ice cream with my grandkids this week (Ben's Chocolate from Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream recipe book). But I am not really a baker -unfortunately cannot have the stuff around, or hub and I will eat and eat and eat...

  4. I love recipe books! And chocolate. And cupcakes.

  5. Chocolate is always and will remain my favourite since I was 5 years-old.


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