Thursday, August 18, 2011

The book goes to...

Susan Adcox who writes about grandparents at had the love/luck of chocolate going for her name in my hat.    So, Susan, e-mail me an address and I will send you Molly Wizenberg's A Homemade Life as part of the Pass-the-Book.  And check out Sian's blog--High in the Sky--to get the full rundown on how it all works.  The author is way too young to be a grandparent, but she has an interesting blog and some good recipes.

Mike has surprised me big time!  He has cut way, way back on salt.  I never thought he would even try.  Here is a man who put liberal shakes of salt on pepperoni pizza, sausage, Chinese food and tacos.  I guess a night in the hospital made a believer out of him.  And, he is even talking about getting himself a pair of pajamas!

Can you tell how swollen my left big toe is from my graceful tumble down the stairs several weeks ago?
I have not been able to wear sandals with a thong--my typical footwear--and maybe that is just as well.  I haven't been out shopping for old lady shoes yet, but I have been wearing boat shoes.  Also, while it doesn't hurt terribly when I am out walking, I must favor it somewhat because my right knee has been bothering me.  I should not complain--what with the serious kinds of medical problems elsewhere in the family.  Still, it makes me cranky to have these little reminders of creeping decrepitude.


You do know that they have to provide those toddler play areas at fast food restaurants because there is something about the food that makes kids super-duper hyper.  I'm not just making this up...well, sort of, but I do believe it's the truth.                                     

Around the age of ten or so, fast food starts to have quite the opposite effect, leaving kids logy and adults bloated.


  1. Good news about the reduction in the salt intake!
    What do pajamas have to do with anything?
    ...although . . . Husband has begun to wear pajamas and I feel as if I'm married to a grown-up.

    I do see the swelling of your poor toe. I'll betcha broke it. Not much they do for broken toes anyway except make you run back and forth so they can tell you, "Yup, it's still broken," or "It's healing." I haven't worn REAL shoes since the falling-log incident last winter. I wonder if I'll ever be able to wear any kind of a heel again.

  2. Hope the toe is healed by cold weather! Sometimes a scare like your husband had is a jump-start to big changes.

  3. Well, I can see the swelling, but I have to say that you have lovely feet. I think flip flop sandals should be banned. My step-daughter totally destroyed her feet because she was wear such shoes when she was in a car accident.

    Look for some sandals Yucatan sandals by Ecco. I wear them for walking and etc. They are very supportive and comfortable. They are not dressy, but they can't be beat for support and comfort. They are pricey, but worth every penny. I wore on pair out and am on my second pair. They last me about three seasons. They are on sale at Dillards right now.

    Glad you hubby is responding so well to his wake-up call.

  4. Way to go Mike. You will actually be tasting the food in the future, not the salt.
    Broken toes are so frustrating for there just isn't much you can do for them besides wait it out. Hang in, this too shall pass, probably to be replaced by something else annoying. Aren't I cheery?
    Arkansas Patti

  5. I just received my first book from last August back this morning, so it put another smile on my face to think of this one continuing its trip around the world!

  6. That last photo has captured one of the sweetest and best expressions ever...LOVE it!

  7. So glad Pass the Book continues!


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