Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New House

It is official, now.  We had the closing on the place in
Florida and now have the papers in hand.  We own a winter home in Florida and we are very happy about that for so many reasons.  We will take a trip down again in the fall just to get a feel for living there and to figure out what we may need to make it truly home for us.

It is in Venice, where we wanted to be--about four miles from the beach.  It is further away from the Sarasota County libraries.  I may have to get myself a bicycle to tootle around town.  My brother suggested a Florida car--you know, one where I could not see over the steering wheel.  Three thousand comedians out of work and he makes jokes.

Maybe winters will get longer and longer, now.  Our Vermont house has been very good for us, but it is a raised ranch.  That means those pesky stairs.  (My black and blues are fading now, BTW.)  It also means windows that are a story and a half high.  My ladder climbing days are definitely over.  If I can't handle stairs, think how I could hurt myself falling off a ladder.  Shudder.  We are replacing windows one or two at a time--getting the kind that open inwards to be washed.  For the rest, I got myself a squeegee system with an extension pole (Ettori) at the hardware store.  I have noticed that the new, easy to wash windows don't get any where near as dirty, nor so fast, as those old, take-off-the-storms, wash-from-the-outside windows.

At least I did learn last winter that Mike knows how to wash windows because he wanted to see out the bedroom window in the morning before even getting out of bed.  Shades drawn?  No, that's why we live in the country.  I guess he will have to adjust to living in a neighborhood.


  1. It will be interesting watching you adjust and change and adapt to your second home.

  2. A nice tidy little place, and oh, what an adjustment that will be, there at the V of the driveway!
    I certainly hear you about the dang windows! We do have tip-in windows, but they're so big and heavy that it isn't much of a convenience!

  3. What a darling winter/all the time home.

  4. You might even want to consider Florida full time. This summer, they have been cooler than where I am in the Ozarks.
    Arkansas Patti

  5. Congratulations!

    I hear you, on stairs. We have a regular 2 story and I wish we had make it all-on-one-floor, already. There's room for a bedroom. Tricky to get shower into small powder room/laundry area. But..... It could be done.

    Husband won't do it, till we HAVE to. -grin-

    So happy for you, with your FL home. As long as you like it down there, and you do.

    Gentle hugs...

  6. Wow, this is wonderful, I think. As you know I have a hard time working up excitement for Florida. I'll visit during your Vermont time of the year.

  7. Very neat and convenient! As I get older, I think that having one home for the summer and one for the winter makes a lot of sense!

  8. Congratulations! Although like that other Linda, I'm not interested in Florida. Vermont. Now that's interesting. But then I'm a PNW girl.
    LInda Reeder

  9. I love Vermont, but can tell you love Florida, especially in the winter. Now you can have it all. Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations! What fun that will be for you both. Keep us posted with decorating decisions, etc.


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