Monday, July 11, 2011

My blogger dashboard page is completely different and I now have a hard time getting saved posts to edit and publish.  Not impossible,but much more cumbersome than the previous dashboard and "new post" page."  Also I used to be able to get to GMail and reader from my blogger dashboard and I can't seem to do that at all any more.  It's just weird. 

It's grammy camp week for Dane.  Mike will be working in the basement while we are full tilt energy level going.  Today did a craft project--a card for his mom.  We went shopping for new shoes, then spent the afternoon at the Birds of Vermont Museum.  I'd never been there before and it was just delightful.  We took a walk to the frog pond and found...frogs!!

Then it was a refreshing dip in a cold Vermont stream.

Where there just happened to be an endless supply of rocks that could be either put in a pile to bring home for the "rock collection" or thrown to make a series of splashes.  Boys are so easy to entertain.

Last night...
"Goodnight, Dane.  I love you to pieces.
"Goodnight, Grandma.  I love you seven pieces."

Not so cute at 5 a.m. this morning....
Dane: "It's morning time.  I am all done sleeping!"

Grandma: "No you are not!  Go back to bed."


  1. Cute. I love how Dane woke you up. He was ready for more adventures. How fun.

  2. Oh - you tell the story well! Little Dane is a cutie (and has a way with words). I'm wondering who "won" this AM!

  3. Knock-on-wood, I still don't have the Dashboard problems, I've been reading about. Or else, I don't do my blogging, the same way, others do it. Whatever, I'm just glad it's not bugging me! Yet! I have enough troubles with my posts, now and then.

    5AM!!!!!!!!! Put some picture books and coloring books in his room tonight. And tell him to USE THEM, until you come in and tell him it's get-up-time. :-)


  4. Laughing out loud at your conversations with Dane. Got a feeling that didn't work.
    Love those cold mountain streams. Delightful.

  5. Ok, if I pay their airfare, can I send my grandkids to you? You sound like a whole lot more fun than Grammy.

  6. Lucky Dane, Sounds like the both of you had a grand time. 5 AM huh~~ Not so cute then, but by 5:30 they grow on you!!!

  7. Is there room at grammy camp for me too? It seems very idyllic.


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