Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Commenting

A recent post on Aunt Amelia's Attic got me thinking and wondering about comments.
I always like to read the comments that readers may leave and I often--but by no means always--like to leave a comment on the blogs that I read on a regular basis.
But I'm thinking I don't really know the standard protocol.
I see that some respond to individual comments on the same comment page.  That means, if you assume a conversation is taking place through comments, that you would have to check back for new comments.  That's extra time and effort I don't always make.
Some bloggers send an e-mail as follow-up to a comment I have made on their blog.  It's nice to get e-mail that isn't selling me something.
Sometimes it seems a response is called for--some kind of acknowledgement--but is it always expected?  Is there and Emily Post for bloggers? 

Friends and family often ask me what a blog is or why I write on.  I say it is just like the diary I used to keep hidden under my mattress.  I would have screamed and hit and had all manner of fits if someone has read those innermost secrets.  Now I blog on the world wide web for everyone to see.  Strange?


  1. I think as children we were hiding things from our parents. Now that we are parents and grandparents, we want our offsprings to know who we are.

  2. Oh, there are probably rules about those things. But I don't care about the rules . . . in this one area. Sometimes I respond to comments on my own blog. Sometimes I toddle on over to his or her blog and respond there.
    As for telling secrets to the world, I figure there's safety in the anonymity of cyberspace.
    Almost nobody who knows me IRL knows that I blog!

  3. I've never known either what is proper for comments. If you find out, share.the news with the rest of us.

    For me personally, I never look at statistics. They drive me crazy. Soon I'm caught in the web of who visited my blog and who did not, who left a comment and who did not. That drives me crazy. I just write and enjoy the comments I do get. I do well to write a post and read a few blogs. All that other is too time consuming.

  4. I think you just gotta do what works for you. I agree that replies to comments on the post require a return trip and that's not always warranted. Tho I do wish at times that my blog had capability for that as they often create interesting conversation. My hard rule is to always email new commenters then every once in a while on the regulars...when I have time or want to tell them they're special and appreciated. :-)

  5. Good points, fellow gramma! I always answer questions, but often don't do follow-up comments, unless there is a question.
    I thank those personally, bu going to their blog for sure.

  6. I respond to comments sometimes and sometimes I don't. I have never figured out what is best, either. If I respond to one comment, I feel I have to respond to all, but they don't all really seem to require a response. I just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. lol If you figure out a good answer, let me know.

  7. I usually leave a comment when I read a blog, because I like getting comments, and I believe in the golden rule. I don't follow up again unless someone has asked a specific question, in which case I will try to find an email address for that person.
    Linda Reeder

  8. I leave a response to comments on my blog I guess because the first ones I read did that and I liked it. Out of maybe 30 comments, I'd be surprised if three come back to read what I wrote but sometimes, my follow ups are meant to clarify the post. Don't think there is a cardinal rule. Do what floats your boat.
    Arkansas Patti

  9. Well, thanks, all, for the input.

  10. I've wondered about follow up comments too. I rarely respond after someone leaves a comment on my blog. When I do I then feel guilty for not responding to each comment.
    I hardly ever check back on a blog after I've left a comment to see if the author has responded.

  11. I don't know if there is an Emily Post for bloggers or not. I know I love to read comments on my own or other blogs. It's fun to hear what others think. Whatever you do have fun doing it!

  12. ...good for you, Olga. do what you feel is right for you!

  13. I don't know that there are rules on comments on blogs. If there are, I most likely am breaking them.

    I do get frustrated that blogs aren't as interactive as facebook at times, but then I also think that if they were, I'd never get finished with reading and responding.

    I email personal responses when called for, and have felt at times that I need to email more often because I have received such wonderful support from others.

  14. Per usual, I'm not reading anyone else's comments, before making my own, here. I want to *sink or swim,* by typing my own thoughts. :-)

    Nope, no Blogging Etiquette Book that I know of. Guess it's like all of blogging...... Blogging etiquette is done, as each blogger chooses.

    And that depends on a lot of things. Choice, time to blog, computer, etc., etc., etc.

    So.... I can only answer for me. (As you would answer for you.) I am at the age, where I have a lot of time for myself, so I can easily spend more time, in "Pretty Blog Land." Writing entries, changing my blog look, reading blogs, commenting in blogs. So I probably spend more blogging time, than a lot of others.

    I choose to reply to a question asked of me (in my comments) -- By leaving the answer in the comments of the question asker. Like you, I don't go back and re-read comments, once I've read them!!!!!!! Who has time for that?

    And I do not choose to, or like it when others, send an email to me, EVERY time I make a comment in their blog. Yikes! I have enough come into my mail box as is, so that all these polite emails (with no purpose but to thank me for commenting), are a bit of a pain.

    I no longer enjoy *chasing Followers.* I no longer enjoy having my blog read by, double the number of people, who leave a comment.

    I've been told there are excuses for people who never comment, but read all the time. Like - people are shy. Piffle!

    Or they read all the comments and feel they can't add anything. Piffle! Just read the post, and make your own comment!

    Anyway, when I moved, I only sent out an email with my new URL, to bloggers who have already shown, that they WANT to interact with me, in blog land. I'm not trying to get MORE Readers, or MORE Followers or etc.

    I'm happy, writing just for the people who have left enough comments, to show that they FREELY want to read me, and comment now and then.

    I know. I sound grumpy. Well, so be it. I am grumpy on this topic.

    And if my view, doesn't fit someone's idea of blogging etiquette, so be it, too.

    -grin- And to think that one new Dear Reader, did not think I ever have *hissy fits.* -giggles- Oh yes I do!@!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the topic.

  15. Yes, blogging is strange and wonderful - so many nice (and interesting) people & places out there. I always visit the people who make a comment on the blog. Many I've enjoyed so much I continue to visit.


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