Thursday, July 21, 2011


I set my sewing machine up in the breezeway during warmer weather.  Today, I had both doors open and, true to the name, a steady breeze was blowing through,  Not a cool breeze.  A breeze that might have originated in a blast furnace.
Now, I know that there are those who would welcome a daytime temperature of 93.  And, I am not complaining.  I like hot weather.  I did not even raise a sweat sitting there sewing in my breezeway.  I did not go out for a brisk walk, though.  That might have turned me into a puddle. 
It is supposed to stay in the 80's through the night.  That's, at the very most, a once a year event in Vermont.  Usually, we would try to arrange to be camping during these glorious summer days, but Mike has been too busy with his e-bay sales of motorcycle memorabilia.  All that "stuff" he collected over the years served him well in coming up with money for the Florida house.  Who would have thought?
This poster was a hefty start to the house fund.  you would not believe what it sold for so I won't even say.


  1. It's a stunning poster! It's cool that he's using it for a good cause, but I bet it is difficult to turn loose of such a beautiful piece.

  2. I don't even sew in the summer here in the PNB. Too much to do outside.
    And yes, I watch Antiques Roadshow, so I have a clue about that poster.
    Linda Reeder

  3. Ebay is the perfect answer to collectors wanting to unload. That poster is stunning. It must be hard for him to part with some of the things though.
    Stay cool. Hard to believe Vermont is suffering so.
    Arkansas Patti

  4. Sewing in the breezeway. What a nice image that conjures up!

  5. I grew up in a house with a breezeway. That alone brings up good memories for me. I also love the heat. Dreading winter already.

  6. On the west, all we hear about is it how hot it is in the east, and here it is relatively mild. Strange times.


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