Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flea Market

Sunday morning is flea market time for Mike.  Today I took the ride with him and wandered around amongst the many vendors.  Mike wandered in a different direction since we are never likely to stop and peruse the same merchandise anyway.

One lady was selling, according to her sign, "handmade" "soap" with "shea" oil and "lavender" oil and on and on.  I had to wonder is her product was not really made by hand and maybe not even really soap--hence to quotation marks.  I have to believe the scents she used were chemically enhanced since they really were overwhelmingly strong and made me "sneeze" so I kept on walking.

This reminded me that I was in a downtown shop in Venice last winter that prominently displayed ladies' purses.  I had just picked on up when the saleslady (and I think the store owner) proudly announced that all the purses were designer knockoffs.  Now, excuse me, but I was under the impression that that kind of thing was against the law--so I said, "Gee, isn't that illegal?"  And, wow, did she get all huffy and cranky.  That's another reason why I didn't stop to chat with the soap lady--some people just don't appreciate my helpful comments.

There was one guy who had a number of old kitchen utensils on his table.  I picked up a double brush-like thingy.  A part of the original box was attached and that let me know that I was looking at a brush for cleaning screen windows.  "Screen Cleaner" was also stamped on the devise itself (without quotation marks, BTW).
The man said, "I'll bet you can't guess what that is."
"Well, it's for cleaning screen windows," I replied.
He looked at me with utter amazement.  "Your the first person who knew that," he announced.
Good, grief.  I was the first person who happened by that knew how to read?

maybe I should have stuck to my original plan, which was to go out and pull weeds in the garden.


  1. Ahhhh the *joys* of the Flea Market. Mmmmm, should we take pause, at just the name of such things? Who wants to peruse the purchase of fleas, hu? -grin-

    I know, some people love 'em. My own husband would love to see if he could find some really old tools. But he doesn't give in to that urge, but rarely.

    What I don't care for is the Oh-I-could-use-that-cute-thing-somewhere-itis, which can come over people at a Flea Market. So many pieces of junk, look like some sort of t-r-e-a-s-u-r-e, when people put a price tag on it. >,-)

    Well, just because your heart and mine, don't go "pitter-pat" upon hearing the words Flea Market, isn't going to put too much of a dent in their over-all business, now is it? :-)


  2. I rarely come home with anything of real use from a Flea Market. Still they are interesting. Since you were obviously the only one who could read, he should have given you the brush.
    Arkansas Patti

  3. I insulted a vendor once by saying to my friend, "I wouldn't be caught dead with that piece of jewelry around my neck, It's just not my style." The vendor almost punched me out on the spot. I have learned to be very careful what falls out of my mouth!!!

  4. Most flea markets are very interesting! I dislike the vendors who sell junk that they have purchased at dollar store type stores! We have a local flea market at a place called Cow Town. They have rodeos on the weekends!

  5. How funny! In each case, you were just trying to help.

  6. I haven't been to a flea market in ages, but I do stop outside stores and look at the baskets full of "close-out, real cheap stuff".

  7. Oh, Olga, I got a chuckle out of this! Glad you went to the flea market. Weeds wouldn't have made nearly as interesting a post...

  8. I think you could be classified as an 'eccentric' old lady. You're definitely funny.

    I just came by to congratulate you on your husband. After reading your comment on Tabor's blog about him and his grandchildren in a restaurant, I have to say that I have a very high opinion of him.

  9. You had me laughing with this post. I am not one for going to a flea market. I bet the two of us together could get into trouble with our response to those pesky vendors.


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