Thursday, June 9, 2011

Road Trip

Mike and I are heading out for a ten days or so---an unexpected journey, actually.
The lap top is coming with us as Mike will continue selling his motorcycle memorabilia on the road.  It's the kind of stuff that he is making good money with, but it would all be worthless if I ended up with it. 
I might be able to get a turn at the computer here and there to check in, but if I don't -- stay safe and cool.
Happy Motoring!


  1. Enjoy the impromptu holiday!

    You too, stay safe and cool. :-)


  2. Have a great trip. I hope you get to check in while you're gone. Sometimes it is nice to be disconnected for a few days though.

  3. Enjoy your trip and take pictures. See ya on the flip side.

  4. Have a lovely time on your road trip. Remember to get out of the car and stretch from time to time.

  5. Have a safe trip, Olga! Hope you see some wonderful sights.


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