Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lawn Mowing

The grass seems to love all the rain we have experienced in the past eight weeks or so.  It keeps right on reaching up to the sky to drink in some more.
Mike usually mows the lawn and I tend to the weed whacking and sweeping/raking up, but I do occasionally climb on our riding mower.  If it going to break down, though, I prefer that Mike is using it at the time.
Monday, it had a big break down.  The drive belt broke.  This was somewhat of a relief to Mike---I guess because he thought he could get a part and fix it easily enough.  It took two trips to the John Deere dealership to get the part (it wasn't in stock in the morning, but they were expecting a delivery in the afternoon).
Then the fun began--disassembling the darn thing and threading a new belt.  I was of minor assistance in the disassembly and then I got out of the way--far out of the way.  Mike had a picture, but it was taken from above and he was working underneath.
Adding to the fun--the sudden change in weather so that it was nearly 90 degrees and nearly 90% humidity.  He got the belt on once, only to find he'd made a mistake in positioning so that the mower only ran in reverse. Weird.
He didn't necessarily want me to take a picture of him sweat and grease covered and definitely not smiling.
Round two continues today, but at least it is cool--and getting ready to rain again so the grass will keep growing.
Mike has had that mower for 23 years.  He knows how to take care of mechanical things. I swear he can actually think just like a machine works.  He is good at the problem solving needed to tackle this kind of job, but he also knows when to walk away and just let things percolate.
I tend to be more of the keep-hitting-it-with-a-very-large-hammer kind of problem solver.  If it had been up to me, we would have gone through about seven lawn mowers in those 23 years.

P.S.  He got it working and I mowed the lawn.


  1. I used to love to mow the lawn, but then Tom got a comercial reel mower with self drive. I didn't like it control;ling itself. I gave up mowing. Now my back would not like it anyway.
    Lida Reeder

  2. I can certainly see why you keep Mike around.

  3. So that is what a lawn mower looks like naked?
    Glad you didn't lose your turn on the mower. I would much rather mow than weed eat. That kills me.
    Arkansas Patti

  4. Good work in the cheer leading department! Sometimes our husbands just need us to watch and encourage. Especially in the mechanical departments! ~ Did you wear your cowgirl hat while riding the mower?

  5. I would say that your husband is quite the genius at keeping this mower going. Good for him. I admire the mechanical mind.

  6. 23 years! Now that's impressive!

  7. I will never have the patience to learn to fix machinery. IN 90 degree heat yet! You do have a keeper there.

  8. Hmm...Looks like a professional guy.


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