Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Noticing...

I sat in the waiting room today while Mike was having some outpatient surgery.  That means I was reading old magazines for a few hours.

I noticed that James Arness died earlier this month.  He was Marshall Matt Dillon on the old TV series Gunsmoke.  That was required viewing at my house growing up.  My father loved that show.  My grandmother loved that show.  My grandmother also loved James Arness.  I mean, she had a full blown crush.  I just realized today that she must have been nearly 40 years older than he.  Just an interesting thought.

Gabby Giffords was pictured in People and she looks good.  I understand that she still has long, arduous therapies ahead.  Her expressive language, apparently, is still quite affected although hey seem to believe her comprehension is better.  She was shot in the head--I think it is miraculous that she has made the gain she has made so far.  What a spirit she must have.

Last week, while driving through the mountains of western Virginia on route 77, I noticed a few signs that concerned me:
"Speed enforced by aircraft." Now, doesn't that just conjure up an image of helicopters swooping down on speeding vehicles.  I did not actually see that happen, but I was waiting.
"Runaway truck ramp."  Good grief.  I see the trucks.  I see the the steep downhill grade.  I see the steep uphill grade of those ramps.  I don't want to conjure the picture associated with all that because it would definitely be a nightmare.
"Highway safety corridor.  Traffic fines doubled." And down the road, "Safety corridor ends."  Is it then okay to start driving unsafely?


  1. I like the way your mind works :-)

  2. What kind of home life would a truck have to have to run away...?

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  4. Guess grandma would have been in her 70's, when she had that crush on that actor. Well, who says one can not? ,-) I'm 74 and I know *what I like.*

    Although men in their 30's is stretching it a bit, for me. Today's men in their 30's are not..... man-enough for me. :-)

    I like looking at George Clooney, if I can forget his politics. And Mark Harmon ('NCIS') is eye-candy. But neither of them are in their 30's.


    She who doesn't feel like even trying to put pictures in a post... -pout-


    That BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN nut has struck here, in your comments!

    I've seen such comments before, elsewhere.

    And this is a reason I don't allow ANONYMOUS comments. You might look into it. The setting I mean.

    She who doesn't feel like even trying to put pictures in a post... -pout-

  6. I too had a crush of James but was closer to his age. He was just such a manly man though not very romantic. Poor Miss Kitty barely got a hug in those 20 odd years.

  7. Love the line at the end. If only drivers were always very careful. That would save more lives than one airplane crash on a daily basis. Too bad no one talks about the road sfety the way they do about air safety!! Hope Mike's all better.


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