Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yard Work

The rain stops and starts.  At least there are times to get out and do some work in my little gardens.
Bleeding heart goes from zero to sixty in no time.

Crab apple tree in bloom

Bean poles, peppers, rhubarb

Miniature iris...so cute

C'mon sun, hit those tomato plants.

This snowball bush finally looks like it will do something
(besides get eaten by beetles).

I love these iris.

I am kind of a dilettante when it comes to gardening.  I so admire my neighbors who have grounds that are worthy of magazine spreads.  I look in wonder at the pictures posted on so many blogs--lush, colorful, welcoming "outdoor rooms." 

Since I have retired, I have doubled or more the amount of garden space I maintain, but I don't come close to having anything that would make it into a magazine (except maybe as a before shot).  I certainly don't have anything that would qualify as an outdoor room unless you want to count the deck with its bird feeders and couple of potted plants, a table with umbrella, and mesh chairs.  It's hardly an inviting space right now--being covered with a thick coating of yellow pollen.

Mike was amazed to see the pollen coating today because, "I just wiped that table last night and swept!"
Men are so cute the way they think that doing a household task once pretty much takes care of things.

Anyway, I don't think that I will take on any more garden spots beyond what I already take care of.  It is a lot of time and a lot of work.  Mike likes the flowers and fresh tomatoes, but he hates any kind of rounded corners.  See my small attempt near the snowball bush behind the shed?  He barely tolerates that...wants everything squared off.  When we planted a new crab apple tree, I wanted to put a large circular island around it.  When we put in the fence, I was thinking about a winding stone wall.  It wasn't worth watching him hyper ventilate every time the lawn needed mowing.

So I enjoy my little bits of gardens.  I'm off the pick a bouquet or two to bring in the house.  I love the springtime fragrances.

P.S.  I am having a hard time posting comments lately--getting an AOL "Whoops!" message.


  1. A yard is a lot of work. Endless work. No matter if it is a fancy one, or a simple one.

    So sorry you have been hit with the Blogger-Comments issue! You aren't alone, but that's no help. So far, so good, with me. Hope it lasts.


  2. A small garden patch can keep you VERY busy. Do not grow like I have.

  3. Your yard is far more green and in bloom than mine! Things still at risk of freezing at night here in the Rocky Mountains. Maybe one day spring will have truly sprung and I'll get some blooms. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy looking at yours!

  4. I think your yard looks lovely. I'm like you. I don't want more than I can handle, but I do so admire the gardens of some bloggers.

  5. What you need is no grass - then all corners could be rounded or even free-form. Are you getting pollen from the evergreens? We get massive yellow pollen from the lodgepoles but not until maybe July (after the snow melts).

  6. Everything popped here, too. The lilacs, different kinds all planted together) are supposed to bloom at different times but they're all in bloom now. Makes for wonderful bouquets!
    You made me smile with your observation that men think that a household chore ought to stay done. Husband gets congratulations for every task. Me, slogging away at the laundry and the bedmaking, not so much.

  7. Well...I see I messed up the parentheses up there.
    But you know what I meant. ;-p

  8. I swear Olga, I can tell the seasons by your posts. What a full life you have.

  9. I've never seen a mini iris before. Love your pictures, and your veggie plot looks lovely. Mine is always a tangled, yet productive eyesore.

  10. Loving everything being so green! Your garden spots are lovely!


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