Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

After record breaking rain during the month of April, the new month is off to a more promising start.  It was sunny today and buds are starting to pop out.  The grass is nice and green.  The town crews are all busy trying to get the roads patched up again.  Nobody wants to complain, though, because a detour around a washed out back road is nothing compared to having your entire town flattened.

It was a good day for a bit of garden work.  The perennials are just starting to poke through, but the weeds have already gotten quite the toe hold.  There also seems to be a bumper crop of ants about this year.  Well, I'll have plenty to occupy my time for the coming days.

I have to see about getting two windows replaced and the back doorsill needs some work too.  The front door was damaged by wind, so now we add that to the list.  Sometimes I question the wisdom of home ownership.

Mike had a fairly successful trip to Pennsylvania and came home with a good chunk of change that is going into the second house fund.  I know.  What are we thinking??

He immediately hated the new pillow on sight.  He tried it to humor me, but ended up throwing on the floor in the middle of the night.


  1. Change is hard for some people (including me).

  2. The last time I bought pillows, I bought poofy ones, thinking they'd be nice little head nests.
    Husband says it's like sleeping with his head on a different floor of the house. :-(

  3. May 2... I've been doing yard work, for 5 days in a row!!! Wonnnnnnnderful.

    We took your lead and got husband a new pillow. He loves it. Today, new one for me! I let him try his out first. -giggles-

    "Today, Justice"

  4. What is more personal than a pillow? I always take my own with me when I travel. Hope you can find a good home for his head at night.
    We are still waiting for sunshine. Yesterday was an all day rain, today will be also thanks to the generous state of Texas. Hoping for just severe thunderstorms and nothing with a Torcon rating over 5. My garden has been treading water for so long. Still, soggy shoes and limp lettuce is so much better than what some have had to endure. Feeling blessed.


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