Wednesday, May 4, 2011

History Lesson

With sincere apologies for my photography skills (or lack thereof--these photos do no justice to the actual artifacts) and the difficulties I seem to be having with formatting this post tonight.......

All these pictures hang in our office space.  The George Washington and the Abraham Lincoln above are "school house" pictures.  They would have once hung in a classroom.

 This is a newspaper front page that Mike found in a barn in Rhode Island.  It is The New York Herald, dated April 15, 1865 (price: four cents). The important news was that President Lincoln had been assassinated.
This is a map of the United States showing 30 states and the District of Columbia.  I am not sure of the date.  It was published by Ensigns, and Thayer of New York.  There are pictures around the border of significant historical events--the landing of the Pilgrims, Battle of Bunker Hill, and more.  Mike found this in a ditch behind a building where he was working as a security guard many years ago.  He is very much a student of American history so these things really mean a lot to him.

These things have as much--maybe even more--prominence in our home as his collection of Harley-Davidson/other American motorcycle memorabilia (which is how he made his living) and all things Samuel Colt, RobinHood, etc., (his other hobby and confined to his man cave).

I think they work nicely as office decor, but what I cherish about them is the memory of two-year old grand children pronouncing "George Washington" and "Abraham Lincoln."

My grand daughter, at nine, has now become quite interested in the newspaper page.  It seems to make something she's learned about in school a bit more real to her.  We get a kick out of her interest in the world around her and now extending that interest to history--makes for a satisfying "grandma moment."



  1. Sounds and looks like you two are collectors too. My Tom would love the old history photos and maps, ect.

  2. I can just hear her many years from now telling her friends that she learned about the founders of our country from the pictures her grandma had on her walls.

  3. I love these old photos and maps and newspapers that you have framed. Priceless! I'm glad you are teaching your grandchildren about the value of such items and the history they record.

  4. Those are awesome "finds". Don't suppose you could get Mike to buy a lotto ticket for me.

  5. Wow! That newspaper page. Real history as it was made.

  6. You are enjoying and preserving pieces of living History.

    And doing your 'Grand', a great service.

    Love it!

    Gentle hugs,


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