Friday, May 27, 2011


I read my horoscope every day.  It's not that I believe that the position of the stars is influencing my life; it's a habit and a bit of amusement over morning coffee.
I'm a Gemini--well at least I always was until someone had the bright idea to add one more sign and realign the whole astrological chart.  I continue to read my Gemini horoscope because somethings just are not worth changing.
Sometimes my horoscope will say something specific--like I will get some money.  I sent one of those to the Superintendent when I was teaching and asked her to forward it on to the payroll department.  I got a note back from her saying how she really liked my sense of humor, but I don't think she ever passed it on.  There was no extra money in my next check at any rate.
Most of the time my horoscope is much more obscure--often so vague that I forget about it as soon as I've read it and turned the page to the crossword puzzle.
But today, I liked my horoscope:
It seems that everyone around you wants to be bigger than life and famous for it.  You don't.  You are truly wise, realizing that the ordinary life-sized life is the perfect life to live in an extraordinarily beautiful way.
Living life in a beautiful way--that seems like something worth striving for.
And balance.  Balance is worth striving for as well.  I liked this post for One Day at a Time.


  1. Thank you for the link. I went and read. Quite lovely.

    Ahhhh yes, balance! So wished for. So difficult to cultivate. For me, anyway...

    Have a peaceful Memorial Day Weekend!


  2. I would definitely say that you live life in a beautiful and balanced way.

  3. Seeking balance can be a full time job. Now that you are retired, you have the time and definitely the tools.
    Arkansas Patti

  4. I love that, living an ordinary life in a beautiful way.
    Linda Reeder

  5. Wow - what a great horoscope - makes me wish I was a Gemini!

  6. That's an awesome message for all of us!

  7. I'm a pisces, and I really don't like water.


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