Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Botox for Babies?

Has the uproar over the woman who gave her eight year old daughter Botox injections died down? Everyone wanted to know, "How could she?"

Personally, I always thought it was pretty darn outrageous that beauty contests for little girls are happening in the first place, but people push their daughters into them, slap make-up on perfect little faces, and all but make it the family buisness to make the circuit of pageants.  Then there must be corporate or private sponsors and audiences for these events.  I understand there was even a "reality" tv show about it.  How could anyone?

I was disgusted by the story but, sadly, not surprised.  In another time and place, that woman would have broken her child's foot bones and bound her feet so she would never walk normally as an adult.  Or she could have been the woman who mutilated her daughters' genitalia just so sex would always be a painful ordeal.  Foot binding, circumcision, other forms of painfully modifying the bodies children were born with--these are "cultural" practices, tolerated for far too long.  Not just tolerated, but encouraged by the involved societies for some social purpose.

So, what does this Botox incident say  about our society and cultural ideals?

Honestly, sometimes don't you just want to shout, "Wake up, world!!" 


  1. I thought the reality TV show a good one. It really shows the idiocy of it all! But Botox! crikey.

  2. I wonder what on earth she was thinking. My doctor give anti-wrinkle injections, not Botox. She says she love how they get rid of her wrinkles. I look at her and see a smart, very attractive, thin, fit woman in her late 30's. What does possible need these injections for? I look in the mirror, and at age 66, I don't see a reason for such injections.

    My heart breaks for kids whose mothers think that they must be picture perfect at all times. This is not real life. The self-esteem of these children has no chance at being healthy.

  3. I understand she has lost custody of her child. Cultural practices are one thing but this lady went on her own, out of the norm, to risk her child"s life.
    My sister just got some Botox injections. Her face swelled horribly and she looked less like a grandma and more like a crazed serial killer.
    Those kiddy pagents are practically child pornography in my view.

  4. Such a sad thing for the little girl to be told without a doubt that how she looks isn't good enough, isn't pretty enough. What kind of horrible mother sends such messages in the first place, and doubly horrible when they accompany a needle to the face. Sad story and likely far too common in the pageant world (whether they're caught doing it or not).

  5. I hadn't heard about this, but it is outrageous, I agree. I don't watch "reality" shows.

  6. Like you I want to shout out what the heck is wrong with people today but sadly no one would care if I did.
    Working in Law Enforcement I see more than I would like to admit and this lady that did this should be in our jail as I am writing this. It is a crime what she did.
    Thanks honey for the Birthday Wishes. I really appreciate you and I am glad I got to come by here tonight so I could catch up with you.

  7. Why would a DR give a child Botox? I've not heard of this - it's beyond belief!

  8. I have always been opposed to beauty pageants for girls under high school age (actually I dislike ALL beauty pageants).

  9. There are a lot of crazy people in this world.

  10. This is one of those things that, having no television, I missed until I read it here and went elsewhere to learn more.
    Dumb. Just dumb. Dumb mother. If the kid is worriedly looking for wrinkles now, what's she going to feel like when she's thirty?

  11. I want to shout; "WAKE UP WORLD!" so many times every day!!!

    Seems that common sense, is lost, on so many people. Simple common sense, could take care of so many decisions, adults have to make. But do they use it? No!

    They just keep doing "what's-been-being-done" forever, before them. Or what "others-around-them," are doing. Do they have a brain? Do they have a mind of their own? Do they ever use it? Do they simply Follow-The-Crowd? Or simply Follow-Their-Personal-Pack, as it were?

    Bahhhhhhhhh-humbug... And -sigh-

    Gentle hugs,

  12. You are so right. Doesn't anyone see inner beauty any more?

  13. I agree, it was very hard for me to get my head around such a thing. The mother needs her brain examined.


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