Friday, May 20, 2011

Another rainy day...

The sun streaming through the east facing window woke me up today--have to admit I was a bit disoriented.  Not to fear, though, by the time my coffee was poured and my toast was buttered, it had completely clouded over.  By noon it was pouring again.

I did go out and get some garden work done in the morning--a bit of weeding, a bit of prep on the bean planting area, three tomato plants and two pepper plants in the ground.  Temperatures have really warmed up--which is not say that we won't have a big frost in the coming weeks.  I have old sheets at the ready and will listen for frost warnings.

Frost is not the concern so much as flooding, though.  The forecasts look grim--another rainy week ahead.  Sometimes it is good to live on a sandy hill and not have any kind of water view.  Well, except for what is coming out of the sky.

Whoo...big bang of thunder.  I guess I will turn off the computer and go put in some time at the library.


  1. We too are facing a week of rain. Last night was full of thunder boomers.
    I too keep all my old sheets. Sometimes in order to protect the plants, my property looks like a homeless camp. What we gardeners do.

  2. odd weather all over. I was so surprised to learn that south Georgia is still in a drought. In north Georgia, we've had lots and lots (just like so many others).

  3. This weather certainly is in keeping with the "if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes" rule, isn't it?

  4. I can't wait for fresh tomatoes and peppers!


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