Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Grilling

Have you noticed that the cost of groceries is skyrocketing?

If you haven't, please tell us where you shop!

I have changed my eating habits to increase fruits and grains consumption and to reduce salt (a lot) and sugar (a little bit) over the past year.  Mike is not so into what he calls "depression era" foods and "third world country" cuisine.  He likes what he likes and is not so inclined to venture into new territory.  I have been steadily building my stock of herbs and spices and increasing my variety of fresh vegetables.  Mike views these efforts with suspicion so we are ending up spending more time cooking separate meals together.

However, his daughter is a kick-a** good cook.  If she cooks something and does not make a major deal about full disclosure of all the ingredients in a big way, he will eat it and declare whatever she serves, "the best meal" he has ever eaten.  In turn, this gives just a little bit of license to try something she has served or use a recipe "kind of like what Renee made that time."

Friday night, I made barbecued country-style spareribs--because the meat was on sale and his daughter had made ribs the last time we visited--and he helped me grill them.  Had I ever, ever before asked if he would want that for supper, he would have said no, but he really did enjoy them and, while I had just one rib, there were no leftovers.  There were no leftover sweet potatoes either, but I had only roasted one and ate that myself.

Should I get that book by Jerry Seinfeld's wife about how to trick your children into eating vegetables, or should I just give it up?

Full disclosure: Mike does eat lots of fresh fruit, tossed green salad, and raw vegetables.  Also, I totally understand that I will not change him, and I don't really want to, anyway.

P.S  I hit spell check and nothing happened.  Since I have never failed to get some yellow high lights before, I assume spell check was a casualty of the recent blogger breakdown.


  1. My mom gave me that cookbook. My kids saw it and hid it. I ultimately found it, but it sure seemed like a lot of work.

  2. Cooking for others, especially if they are picky at all can be a challenge. Cooking is a challenge for me these days anyway, so I hate to have to please others in the process. I wish I had a full-time chef!

  3. My hubby and Mike would get along very well. Since our retirement, I have decided to cook the way I want. Lots of veggies and he is slowly adjusting. Good luck with your guy.

  4. With the title, I thought you'd been arrested again.

  5. My brother is like that about veggies. He eats what I cook out of politness when they visit. When he tells his wife, "I would eat that again" she is delighted and adds it to her menu list for it usually contains some of those dreaded veggies.

  6. Oh wow, spell check is down! Eeeek! I am world's worst speller. -giggles-


  7. -giggles- I agree with Mike on his being... "Mike is not so into what he calls "depression era" foods and "third world country" cuisine." Hooray for you Mike! You said it out loud. -giggles-

    Separate meals can be a good choice, I think.

    Oh and I also agree with Mike on his not wanting to KNOW every ingredient in a meal!! Good grief yes!!! All I need to know is... Is there gluten in it, and I can't eat it? And is there dairy in it, so I take my "Lactaid" like meds.

    But I live in a family of those who want to tell each and every ingredient, in the meal they prepared!! Husband and son. Eeeeeeek! Just tell me my necessary info and then let me eat it in peace!!!!!! I wish. They are not able to comply. It's a Chef-Thing I guess. ;-)


  8. I've hurt my foot, reduced to pain killers. No complex meals for (from?) me. My son-in-law does most of the cooking in their family. He's a whiz. More men are learning the skill. Good thing!
    Thanks for visiting my muskoka. (I can't change the title, I'm up to 97,000+ hits. Truly living in Perth, but stil cottage country!


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