Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yard Sale

A sewing project took up most of my morning.  I didn't get out for my exercise walk until mid-afternoon.  Making my usual loop, I happened upon a garage sale.  Now I have three big boxes of unwanted stuff in our garage.  I am adding to the pile gradually and will haul it off to the Clutter Barn next weekend.  I wasn't looking for a yard sale, but I guess that one rogue warm day got everyone in the mood for cleaning out.

It was right there on my usual route, cheery yellow signs inviting me to stop by just to look.  "Just to look," that's what my head was saying as my feet carried me right on down the driveway.  I was out for my exercise walk; I didn't even have money with me.  How much more "just looking" can you get than that?

Of course, I saw something that I have been looking for--a chair to put in the spare room where I can sit and watch TV while I do some knitting.  The guy was already starting to pack things up so I told him I would run (run!) home to get my car and some cash.  I also bought a small area rug for the spare room and two pictures for our bedroom.  I spent $33.00. 

Now, if I had decided to go out and spend the whole day shopping for a small chair like this, I would have never found one.

And the bonus of this--I really got my heart rate up on that dash home for some money and the car.


  1. Don't you just love it when something like this happens? And, even, better the things you bought will have a story attached to them. That makes it even better.

  2. OOooooo! I could use a chair like that in my little place, too. This was YOUR LUCKY DAY!

  3. That's a pretty nice chair for $33! The rug and pictures are just bonuses!

  4. Here Here! For the yardsaling! ;-)

  5. I am impressed with the run. Now you know you have to get rid of the same number of items that you added--- per Oprah.


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