Thursday, April 28, 2011

A scattering of stray thoughts...

The sun came out yesterday and the temperature climbed all the way up to 80.  Such an unexpected gift.  Mike pulled a steak out of the freezer and got the grill ready.  I went out and dug up my vegetable patch.  Different priorities.  The pictures are from a last week supper.  Mike thought his burger with BLT was so beautiful it should be used for a TV commercial.  He thought my rice loaf with veggies should be scraped into the bin.  So judgemental--it was really delicious.

Mike has gone to Pennsylvania for the next three days--to an antique motorcycle club swap meet.  He is taking some of his collection to sell.
If he sells this poster, I will really kind of miss it.  On the other hand, the oil cans he wants to sell...

We have another piece of land to sell--2.75 acres in Florida.  It doesn't look like we will  have the luck we had with the VT land.  Right now, you could buy some land and build a house in Florida for the same money you'd spend on three newly built foreclosed houses.  It's a bit sad how Florida goes through such booms and busts--driven by greed, mostly.

I was perplexed to find two left handed rubber gloves under my sink when we got back from Florida just abut a month ago now.  I am embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure that one out.

The daffodils were inspired by yesterday's unpredicted nice weather and popped right out.  It's raining again today though, so they look a bit taken advantage of.

I am off the enjoy a day of "me" time in spite of the rain--beginning with swabbing out the fridge--but then some more fun things after that.


  1. I love the "scraped into the bin" comment. That's so my husband. Burgers, burgers, burgers ... and anything halfway nutritious is snarled at.

    Enjoy your day of "me" time!

  2. He's gone to an antique motorcycle club swap meet! So, he has antique motorcycles? They must be something!

    My husband loves antique cars/trucks. We have a 1930 Model A with rhumble seat, and his 1950 Chevy truck with 5 windows. :-)

    And I have always wanted to ride on a motorcycle! -sigh- Don't think I'm going to do so, by now, though. Actually, I don't even want to do so. I've done many things I wanted to experience. I'm afraid if I rode on a motorcycle now, I'd "be done." And I do not want to "be done," yet!!! ,-)


  3. I am off the enjoy a day of "me" time in spite of the rain--beginning with swabbing out the fridge-

    I just wish I had a least a tiny bit of Olga in me.

  4. Swabbing out the fridge - me time? That's not on my list. But have fun, whatever you do.

  5. His looked yummy, yours looked like a long life.
    Good luck with the Florida land. I sold mine during the boom in one day for 2.5 times its apprasial value. Just lucky timing, not really intended.

  6. I'm hungry and your husband's burger is making my mouth water. I'd be happy with your selection also. In fact, it also looks quite mouth watering.


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