Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rainy Day Shots

A member of the poetry workshop shared this Zen poem with the group. 

as if mending
socks, I repair my mind
and live on
        ~Lady Yoshino Yoshiko (1915- )

It struck me as especially poignant in light of both historical and current events in Japan.


I do like a cookie with my tea.  Okay, I like two cookies with my tea (like I can't see that eye rolling thing).   My new favorite is Newtons Fruit thins (cranberry, citrus, oat) made by Nabisco.  They have 140 calories for a serving size of three (Wow, 3, I short changed myself).  They also come in blueberry or raspberry and chocolate.


As I was running a number of errands today, I had the car radio on and happened to hear a couple of ads for an organization promoting diversity -- not just at work but in neighborhoods as well.  I was reminded of this picture that my nine year old grand daughter drew for me.

For some reason it just cracked me up that she included categories for "girly girl" and "opera singer."


  1. Well ya'know, those could be 2 categories, which might well be considered "different" by some kids. The "girlie-girl" would not be quickly chosen as a pal, by the "Tom-boy girl." And "the opera singer" could be a stand-in for artistic people.

    Oh dear me, isn't it sad that humans do so want everyone else, to be, just like "me"? We carry that group or pack instinct, to too great lengths, me'thinks.

    Yes, a very "present" poem. Not written in the present. But can be associated with the present. Those poor people...

    Gentle hugs...

  2. ...and I like chocolate with my coffee. Two Hershey's Special Dark With Almonds Nuggets is 95 calories, and even gets an A- on the Calorie Counter site.

    Love the diversity drawing!

  3. I'm trying to stay at two cookies with my tea. But your Newtons sound good.

    I love the poem you shared. And, I really like the picture you granddaughter drew for you. Don't you love seeing how they think when they express themselves?

  4. It is that "serving size" that destroys my good intentions but it does help exercise my math skills as I try to figure, "lets see, three times the serving size is how many calories"--oops, there goes dinner.
    Your GD's picture is so interesting.

  5. That is a great picture. Yes, girly girls need respect too.


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