Friday, April 22, 2011

New Toilet in the News

I got a chuckle out of an article in yesterday's Burlington Free Press.  Then I kind of got irritated.

Kohler luxury toilet costs $6, 390: toilet
aficionados, look not further. A
Wisconsin company is promising you
"a figment of beauty and geometry"
with piano music, feet warmers, and a
slew of other amenities--if you are
willing to flush out nearly $6,400.
Kohler Co. is preparing to release its
high end Numi toilet this fall. When it
senses your presence, the toilet
automatically raises an adjustable-
height cover. A night light guides you
to its heated seat. If you stay a
while, plug in you iPod or turn on
the built-in FM radio. A floor-level
vent blows warm air to keep your toes
I am sorry that a picture did not accompany this tidbit because I am most curious to know what it looks like. Personally, I am not even considering buying one of these until it is perfected. I want a toilet that can sense gender and automatically open the lid only or both lid and seat. I guess I will have to keep weaing slippers when floors are chilly until then.

Although politicians haven't seemed to catch on, has anyone else noticed that our economy is totally broken right now?  I'm having to bite the bullet, fill my car with gas, and go grocery shopping.  It's getting traumatic. And yet, there are $6400 toilets on offer and some people with enough money to buy them.

What a world.

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  1. I did see a picture of that toilet, can't remember where so I can't send a link. It is quit simplistic and modern, bordering on ugly. I have a few better uses for $6400.


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