Friday, April 29, 2011

My back wasn't quite as ready as the rest of me to be out digging in the garden the other day. Oof.

I went off to get a pedicure at the mall this morning--along with every other retired woman in the county.  The wait was too long for me so I went shopping for some new bath towels and two new bed pillows. 

Now I will just have to figure out a way to switch out Mike's nasty old stained pillow for the new one.  He is not so big on changes.  When I need to mess with him, I amuse myself by moving the couch and chairs away form the wall.  It never takes him more than a minute to start pushing everything back.  I guess he thinks I move things to sweep and then forget to put them back.

So I don't have shiny toe nails, but my refrigerator is sparkling clean.  That makes me happy.  It's a true gift to get pleasure from the little things.

I spent the afternoon at the library.  I volunteered to clean and organize the upstairs activity room and the supply closet for the children's programs.  Four hours into that and I realize that this is going to be my volunteer time for quite some time.  Next time I will take a dust mask.  It needs sorting and organizing, but it is also very, very dusty from the installation of a new heating system.  Ever notice that nothing is ever as simple as it might at first appear to be?


  1. It always surprises me to go for a manicure in the middle day and find there are actually other people besides me who can do that!

  2. That is why no one has done it!! I guess I will paint my own toenails...rarely have the courage to get a pedicure.

  3. I've never had a manicure or a pedicure. Somewhow I just don't have that need.
    Sounds like youv"e got yourself a project with the library. And yes, nothing is ever really simple.

  4. "My back wasn't quite as ready as the rest of me to be out digging in the garden the other day. Oof."

    -chuckle- There's a lot of that, going around!!! :-0

    Pedicure, never had one. Nor a manicure. Yes, there are still women alive, who can say this. -giggles-

    And you got new pillows! How wonderful of you! We are always "going to." And don't. He would be thrilled if I came home with a new one for him!

    Gentle hugs...

  5. I wish you lived near me so you could organize me as a charity event every once in a while.


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