Saturday, April 2, 2011


We are home again and somewhat unpacked.  Everything around the house was pretty much in order.  We are so exhausted I feel like I could have walked the whole way.   It will be an early night and a good old Sunday morning sleep in.  
I have thirty-something e-mail messages and 71 blogs to catch up on, plus a whole bunch of submissions from my writers' group and all the reading for the poetry workshop on Monday.  I can't deal with any of that now.  The main computer is doing all its updating stuff and being even s...l...o...w...e...r...than I am feeling right now.
We had a safe enough trip--got past Tampa just in time and avoided bad weather the rest of the way.  I sure do know I'm not in Florida any more, but there is not as much snow as I was anticipating.
My pillow is really insisting that I wash my face, brush my teeth, and kiss it good night.  You know how demanding pillows can be--best that I obey.


  1. Glad you are back in Vermont and glad you had a safe trip.

  2. Home again, home again jigadi jig. I'm glad you made it there safely. Isn't it amazing how things pick up just where you left off?

  3. Hi Olga, Glad you arrived home safely! Is there snow on the ground at your house? I thought I saw on the news that a storm was going up the coast a couple days ago. It's snowing here in Breckenridge, of course...

  4. Thanks for visiting my vultures! Hope Vermont is nicer than here today. Rain, rain...


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