Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Good Product

I do not get paid to research nor to endorse any product, but when I happen upon something that really works for me I do want to share.  So  for what it is worth, this is something I really do use and feel it works like they say it will.
The other day, Mike had a blood vessel burst while taking a shower.  It took him a while to notice.  The result was a bloody towel, blood spots on the bath rug, and drips down the hallway and into the dining room.  Specific details are not relevant so let's just not go there. 
Anyway, this is a picture of carpet that covers the hallway and dining room:

The carpet is not white, it is "sand."  I picked it so that tracked in sand would not be glaringly obvious on a day to day basis.  Blood, on the other hand, and as you might well imagine, will be very obvious on this particular surface (blueberry pie filling, coffee, spaghetti sauce, red wine, fruit juice--yeah, it's all been there, too, and way more than actual sand).

I am not saying this product makes it fun to clean the carpets, but it sure does take out the above mentioned stains.  It is applied and then blotted, which takes a bit of patience but is not really hard work.  In fact, a gentle touch is much better than vigorous scrubbing action.  I get it from a place in Utah.


  1. That sound like a good product to know about.

  2. It MUST work well!
    That carpet looks new!

    I guess if he didn't notice, it wasn't painful for him, so that's good...

  3. Oh my goodness glad you had this product on hand. Glad you thought of sharing it with us I will have to get some of this and tell my kids about it too.
    Hope your hubby is fine after that happened.
    How is your weather this weekend?
    Have a great Sunday

  4. Gosh, I hope he is OK. That sounds awful.
    I gave up on carpets when I got pets. Battling Florida sand also had a say in that choice. I will let my carpet impaired friends know about it though. Thanks.


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