Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frost Heaves

Among the delights of springtime in Vermont--frost heaves and pot holes.  I finished up my list of errands from yesterday (finished up today; my list of errands was more ambitious than I was yesterday).  The roads are in terrible condition, with deep holes filled with water, cracks, sags and bumps.  In addition, the highway department has started some kind of major project on a nearby bridge which has so far involved tearing down a number of buildings, setting up a blasting area, and stopping any two way traffic in the vicinity.  This will impact my usual shopping routines.
I guess that I had better start to re-acquaint myself with what is going on in the area--and the news in general.  I usually like to listen to NPR for my understanding of current events, but way too often lately I have been an avoider.  The news is either depressing or it is triggering my high blood pressure.
Maybe I'll continue another week or two of blissful ignorance.


  1. I have been blissfully ignorant for months.
    Come election time, I'll have to catch up.
    I guess I am a Bad Citizen, but I can only stand so much bad news.

  2. I have to agree with June. I just tune a lot of it out.

  3. I think frost heaves and potholes also describe the news these days.

  4. I have been avoiding also. It is like a soap opera. You can miss days and not really miss a thing. This person thinks that person is stupid and one country wants what the other has. Characters may change but the plot is the same.
    Like June say, come election time, I'll play closer attention.

  5. Oh yes! Pot Hole time! We get it over here in NYS too. -sigh- When you started out with pot holes, I feared you'd gone over a huge one, and damaged your car. But no! Gooooood!

    I never use NPR for my News, but I have even been avoiding my usual News places, of late. All the "uginess" gets over-powering. News is "what bleeds" anyway, so how can we expect other than "Ugginess," I guess.

    I personally, can not do anything about any of it. Other than worry. Other than allow my own mood to be depressed. Worry and depression do nothing to help the horrors, and only hurt me too.

    No thank you. I am avoiding all. At times, this can make me very guilty. But then, I look at it, clearly again. And see that it is wise, actually.

    Gentle hugs...


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